The Catholic Counter-Reformation in the 21st Century
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The Catholic Counter-Reformation in the 21st Century


N° 146 – December 2014

Director : Brother Bruno Bonnet‑Eymard


To our Holy Father, Pope Francis, the Father of the Poor

We find ourselves in the situation of the “poor of Yahweh” who, in the last times of the Old Covenant, gave forth their heartrending complaint by the Psalms, in order to appeal for the coming of the Messiah. At the end of our Community retreat, we became fond of them. We want to imitate them because we understand that they prepared the Gospel.

Where is Christ’s Church?

I Keep my Eyes Fixed on Your Hands!

A Christian reading of the Qur’an

A Christian reading is first and foremost a scientific reading, that is to say, one that is preoccupied with historical truth. The Qur’an is a document of the past that must be explained by using the principles of the historical and critical method, which have long been in use in the study of the Bible. To apply oneself to doing this leads to marvellous and fascinating discoveries.

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