The Catholic Counter-Reformation in the 21st Century

Arc (St. Joan of)


II. The false rehabilitation

Exposition of the Charles Boulanger’s thesis demonstrating that the Joan’s rehabilitation was a immense imposture carried out by the University of Paris in order to exonerate those who condemned her to the stake in 1431.


I. The condemnation

Charles Boulanger dedicated ten years of an already full life to the systematic analysis of all the archives available on the subject, leaving nothing to chance, in order to uncover the whole truth.


The true trial of saint Joan of Arc

The true trial of saint Joan of Arc (summary).


Domremy to Chinon

Story of saint Joan of Arc since her born at Domremy in 1412 to her meeting with the dauphin, Charles VII, at Chinon. This saint is both God’s messenger and single mediator of salvation of France, thing unique in history.


Chinon to Reims

Story of saint Joan of Arc, from her march on Orleans to the accomplishment of her mission : the consecration of Charles VII at Reims. The Orleans’ delivrance was a great miracle of the military story, the authentical sign of her divine mission.


Saint Joan of Arc

« Joan the Maid, daughter of God », as her Voices called her, was, in the fifteenth century, the faithful image of the Virgin Mary. The whole of Joan’s short life was like the course of a giant, in close conformity with the Gospel, from her humble birth to her assumption into glory.