The Catholic Counter-Reformation in the 21st Century

Francis (Pope)

The faith of a new Athanasius

Athanasius Schneider, a Roman Catholic Bishop of Kazakhstan, is a member of the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross of Coimbra. He responded to the Document of Abu Dhabi, which Pope Francis and Imam At-Tayeb signed in the name of peace and the fight against violence. Brother Bruno complements his response by showing in the light of the Message of Our Lady of Fatima the consequences of the Holy Father’s denial in current events.

Pope Francis foils the plot

Pope Francis opened the Synod on the family with an admirable homily “ centred on three themes : solitude, love between man and woman, and the family. ” This is a condemnation of “ every form of individualism, ” especially when it is referred to as a supposed ‘personalism.’ He stressed the ‘revolutionary’ character of Christian marriage instituted by Jesus Christ.

The plot

According to Die Welt: “ The Catholic Church is currently in a transitional phase : Pope Francis is encouraging the Church to evolve, which clearly antagonises the conservatives. ” “ The conservatives ” of what? Of the Second Vatican Council ! Does that mean that there is a contradiction between Pope Francis’ line and that of the “ Emeritus Pope ” ? Indeed there is !


I. We have believed in love

“Faith opens the way before us and accompanies our steps through time. Hence, if we want to understand what faith is, we need to follow the route it has taken, the path trodden by believers, as witnessed first in the Old Testament.”

Pope Francis

II. Unless you believe, you will not understand

Chapter two dismantles the mechanism of faith in order to make us understand the connection between the different parts that composes it : truth, love, reason… This part appeals more to the intelligence.


III. “ I delivered to you what I also received. ”

After having analysed the light of faith according to three key words : love, intelligence and tradition, the Pope writes a conclusion that draws attention to its fruitfulness. In the end, this “ four-handed ” encyclical unequivocally reflects two religions : Pope Francis’ religion, which is Catholic, and Pope Benedict XVI’s, which no longer is.

Pope Francis


The first words of the encyclical of the Sovereign Pontiff Francis are dazzlingly luminous. They announce the underlying doctrinal programme of this new pastoral practice, this way of exercising the Petrine ministry that consists in resounding, eloquent acts intended to launch a reconquest. These acts, however, are sustained by a Franciscan doctrine. It is a happening !

Pope Francis

The encyclical Lumen Fidei

Study on the encyclical “Lumen Fidei” of Pope Francis.


Evangelii Gaudium  : the joy of the Gospel

Using his apostolic exhortation, the Holy Father applies himself to reviving the joy of the Gospel in the souls of the Christian faithful enumerated in their hierarchical order. This programme offers so many connections with “ The 150 Points of the Phalange ” that his paragraphs can be grouped into a catalogue : “ The 150 Points of Pope Francis ”.


Gentle and humble anticipation  : is a new Saint Pius X coming  ?

On August 4, 1903, as though directed by divine Providence, the votes of the conclave fell to Cardinal Sarto, the Patriarch of Venice. The Church was saved by Rome once again. She will be saved again this very year, God willing, there is no doubt about it.