The Catholic Counter-Reformation in the 21st Century

John-Paul II (Pope)


The Inconceivable Canonisation of John Paul II (2)

In one of his morning homilies, Pope Francis declared : “ When a Christian becomes the disciple of an ideology, he has lost his faith : he is no longer a disciple of Jesus. He has become the disciple of this way of thinking. ” It so happens that Fr. de Nantes accused Karol Wojtyla of having been one of the main ideologists through whom the crisis in the Church reached an unprecedented level.


The inconceivable canonisation of John Paul II (1)

In 1983, Georges de Nantes, our Father, addressed Pope John Paul II, elected in 1978 : “ It must be said to your face, Most Holy Father, that your religion is no longer that of the Roman Catholic Church, Christ’s unique Church, whose Head you are. Your religion is the religion of man who makes himself god and not the religion of God, the Son of God, who made Himself man. ”


1. Karol Wojtyla, the foreigner.

When Karol Wojtyla was elected to the throne of St. Peter on October 16, 1978, he was of course the first non-Italian pope since the Dutchman Adrian VI in 1520, but it is for another reason that we consider that he was a foreigner… to the Catholic Church. Let us cast full light on his personality in order to compensate for the inadequacies of the process of beatification ensuing from its obstinate refusal to study his doctrine, and for good reason.


2. John Paul II, the prophet and the pontiff of the cult of Man

On October 16, 1978, John Paul II appeared for the first time on the loggia of Saint-Peter’s. Then began one of the longest pontificates in history in the course of which the doctrinal errors of Vatican II were disseminated throughout the Church, spreading confusion, provoking the dechristianisation of the West and, elsewhere, a slowing down of missionary activity.


The canonisation of John Paul II  ?

This is the report that was sent to the postulator of the cause of beatification of Pope John Paul II to present our objections to him.


The gnosis of Karol Wojtyla

Of all the gnoses this is the most powerful because it incorporates into its hazy vision all the dogmas and rites of our Church and at the same time inserts them into a general concept of a universe evolving towards general and perfect harmony.