The Catholic Counter-Reformation in the 21st Century

Nantes (Fr. Georges de)

The mystery of Jesus

The only means to save the Church is to re-examine the central issue of man’s destiny and of the eternal Mystery of Jesus in all its components, and to give it a completely satisfactory solution to which all minds may adhere. Only kerygmatic theology can achieve this aim.


Prayer for the glorification of our Father

Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in these times of diabolical disorientation, You have not abandoned Your Holy Church to the heresy and schism that have led so many souls down the road to apostasy. You gave her as a defender Your priest Georges de Nantes…


Father de Nantes in Canada

« We would simply like to recall here the memory he left us of a paternal heart, always looking after his own in faith and charity, and manifesting an invincible hope. Let us recall first how his zeal for the salvation of souls brought him all the way to Canada. »


Defender of the Faith

An outstanding Roman Catholic priest of today is Fr. de Nantes, philosopher and theologian. He is the leader of the most dynamic traditionalist movement in the French church, and the founder of a flourishing religious community… Learn more?


The canonical situation of Father Georges de Nantes

Our Father established us on the Rock, that is to say, the Heart of the Church, by carefully protecting us from all heresy and all schism, ever since the beginning of the Council. His fight always took place under the protection of the laws of the Church…


A Son of the Church

Sixty years of Catholic Counter-Reformation and French Counter-Revolution, Fr. de Nantes, « A son of the Church ». This is a biographical summary by Brother Bruno of Jesus…