The Catholic Counter-Reformation in the 21st Century

Paul VI (Pope)


Paul VI, the false prophet, and Our Lady’s messenger

Paul VI’s funeral oration is one of our Father’s masterpieces. It is an eloquent prayer for the eternal rest of his soul combined with adoration of the divine Majesty, which is irreproachable in its judgements, a prayer that ultimately turns into confidence in divine Mercy. To beatify Paul VI, however, is truly tantamount to losing the absolute sense of good and evil ! It brings to its peak the “ diabolical disorientation ” to which the Church and the world have fallen prey since the death of this Pope. For the results of his pontificate speak for themselves.


Paul VI, an Anti-Pius X

In 1993, John Paul II decided to introduce the cause for the beatification of his predecessor, Paul VI, whose “ spiritual son ” he claimed to be. Fr. Georges de Nantes understood that John Paul II’s intention was “ in a way, to canonise himself, and to decanonise Pius X ”