The Catholic Counter-Reformation in the 21st Century
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or the messenger of the true King of France

St. Joan of ArcLIKE mother, like daughter  : «  Joan the Maid, daughter of God   », as her Voices called her, was, in the fifteenth century, the faithful image of the Virgin Mary. Jean Gerson, Chancellor of Notre-Dame and of the University of Paris, the first French doctor of the Immaculate Conception, unhesitatingly replied to Charles VII when asked what he made of Joan  : The Maid saves France in the same way as «  by a humble Virgin the Redemption of the whole human race was wrought   ».

And firstly, she is the miniature of the Immaculate Conception , as her name of “ Maid ” suggests. That she was a virgin in her soul as much as in her body, we can affirm with absolute certainty, following Charles Boulanger  : no worldly corruption tainted her during her perilous mission. She refused to recant, she signed nothing, no cedula [retractation document], neither short nor long… All the witnesses who testified to the contrary are liars. She is spotless1.

When she declares to her judges at Rouen  : «  I came from God. Send me back to God from whom I came   », she speaks as Jesus did. So whom does she resemble, Jesus or Mary  ? Both, since They are but one  ! The whole of Joan’s short life was like the course of a giant, in close conformity with the Gospel, from her humble birth to her assumption into glory.

Taken from Resurrection, n°17, May 2002, p. 5

(1) Charles Boulanger, 7 July 1456, The cover-up in the Joan of Arc affair  : a “ triumph ” of the University of Paris (cf. infra, p. 21 ff).