Point 6. Concerning Judaism.

For every enlightened man the Bible forms one whole, the two parts of which complement one another. They are inseparable. The one is the preparation, and the other the fulfilment, of that divine-human work to be pursued until the end of the world and extended to the ends of the earth.

1. The Phalangist cannot, therefore, regard contemporary Judaism as a true religion, as a salvific covenant, or even as the heir of ancient Israel and the Covenant of Moses. The Synagogue has broken this Covenant by refusing to recognise its fulfilment in Christ. It has lost the promises by crucifying its Messiah and Saviour, and has become a deicide race drawing malediction down upon itself. Contemporary Judaism is a perfidious distortion of the ancient religion, and is therefore devoid of truth, grace and authenticity. Moreover, it has set itself up as the enemy of God and His Church, the spiritual Israel, by elaborating the Mishnah and the Talmud, rabbinical writings inspired by passionate hostility to the Gospel of Christ.

2. The Phalangist denounces the racism – religious and sometimes even atheist – and the carnal ambition of Judaism as the most fearful inversion of the ancient prophetic spirit. This proud racism and greedy imperialism is a constant danger to civilisation and the peace of the world. Christendom must defend itself against it.

3. For all that, the Phalangist is not antisemitic, in that he does not reject the Old Testament, does not exclude the Jewish people from salvation, and does not refuse to pardon any of its members, for all men are called to one and the same brotherhood in Christ.

On the contrary, in harmony with the Church and in opposition to both ancient and modern antisemitism, the Phalangist considers the Jewish people to be a people apart, marked with the seal of their original election, a people who exist scattered among the nations as the eternal witness of the Mosaic Covenant and the Messianic promises, the living memorial of the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus, and the prophetic sign, when they are finally converted, of the return at the end of time of all the peoples in the world to the Church of Christ, the New Jerusalem come down from God.