The Catholic Counter-Reformation in the 21st Century

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10. “ The dance of the sun ” (October 13)

Proved by superabundant witnesses, documents and pictures, the solar miracle appears to everyone as the incontestable seal that God willed to place on the apparitions of Fatima, on the prophecies, promises and terrible warnings that His Immaculate Mother came to reveal at the Cova da Iria.

9. “ I am our Lady of the Rosary ” (October 13)

On October 13, 1917, at noon, between fifty and seventy thousand people could contemplate the extraordinary spectacle of the “ fall of the sun ”. The promise of Our Lady had been fulfilled to the letter. Yet, have men meditated on Her words and grasped their whole significance : “ Do not offend the Lord our God any more, for He is already too much offended ” ?


8. A Wonderful Mariophany (September 13)

At dawn on September 13, 1917, all the roads leading to Fatima were crammed with people. Some curious ones, and an immense throng of pilgrims were walking to the Cova da Iria, reciting the Rosary. The day of the Apparition, twenty-five to thirty thousand people saw the striking atmospheric signs that accompanied the coming of Our Lady and Her return to Heaven.

The Immaculate Conception and the Divine Sophia

Soloviev’s wisdom is above all a supernatural wisdom inspired by the Incarnation of the Word and faithfully developed in accordance with all the wonderfully extended new dimensions given to our world and its history by the modern sciences. This inspired labour finds its origin in the contemplation of the Wisdom of God at work in the world and history, creating a mysterious harmony or beauty which the Russian Philosopher calls the Soul of the world or Sophia, Wisdom.

Pope Francis foils the plot

Pope Francis opened the Synod on the family with an admirable homily “ centred on three themes : solitude, love between man and woman, and the family. ” This is a condemnation of “ every form of individualism, ” especially when it is referred to as a supposed ‘personalism.’ He stressed the ‘revolutionary’ character of Christian marriage instituted by Jesus Christ.

Who is at the heart of the church, Teresa of Calcutta or St. Thérèse  ?

« They are not afraid of drawing blasphemous comparisons between the Gospel and the Revolution... » This expression applies literally to countless articles that fill right now the columns of newspapers concerning the “ spiritual night ” of Mother Teresa, allegedly a night of the Faith, compared to the trial experienced by St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus during the eighteen months that preceded her death on 30 September 1897.

The problem of immigration is a state affair

We have kept in our records an interview with Father de Nantes in 1985 on the problem of immigration. Thirty years have gone by, and as he foresaw, French political life has remained stuck in an impasse since no one heeded his warning or implemented the solutions and paths of wisdom that he indicated. Perhaps the time has come for them to be taken into consideration.


Pope Francis, a praise of glory

I commented on the first chapter of this encyclical that assesses the damage caused by fifty years of conciliar reformation, even in creation, ever since the Church saw fit to believe in the myth of progress. The following chapter lays the foundations for a restoration, under the title : “ The Gospel of the Creation ”.


The plot

According to Die Welt: “ The Catholic Church is currently in a transitional phase : Pope Francis is encouraging the Church to evolve, which clearly antagonises the conservatives. ” “ The conservatives ” of what? Of the Second Vatican Council ! Does that mean that there is a contradiction between Pope Francis’ line and that of the “ Emeritus Pope ” ? Indeed there is !


Joan, remember  !

Today there is great distress in the Kingdom of France, even more so than long ago when she was under heel of the English or in more recent times under the heel of the Germans. Our country is the hostage of demons come out of Hell. Yet she remains the Kingdom of Jesus and Mary, just as the Church, despite an adulterous Council, steadfastly remains the Spouse of Jesus Christ.

“ Praise be to you, my Lord  ! ”

Everything that flows from the mouth or the pen of this Pope is limpid like “ our sister water. ” Unlike his immediate predecessors, he does not put his faith in man but in God. Consequently he is able to lay out the principles of an integral ecology, at the furthest remove from both Jacques Maritain’s integral humanism and Paul VI’s integral development.

The encyclical Laudato si ’, mi ’ Signore, Praise be to you, my Lord

Nothing could be more Franciscan than this call that Pope Francis makes in his encyclical for an “integral” ecology, in other words, a “Catholic” ecology: encompassing the whole of creation and all creatures. Next month, we will begin a series of articles commenting on this encyclical “with openheartedness,” according to the wish of our Holy Father.


A Christian reading of the Qur’an

A Christian reading is first and foremost a scientific reading, that is to say, one that is preoccupied with historical truth. The Qur’an is a document of the past that must be explained by using the principles of the historical and critical method, which have long been in use in the study of the Bible. To apply oneself to doing this leads to marvellous and fascinating discoveries.

GEORGES DE NANTES The Mystical Doctor of the Catholic Faith

16. The appeal to the infallible magisterium

Bishop Le Couëdic thought that he could easily silence Fr. de Nantes, this importunate and sole opponent of the Vatican II, by threatening him with a sanction. “ If I were to surrender to the terrible threats of your spiritual power[...], ” our Father replied to him, “ I would be unable to do so without losing my faith in the Holy Church of Jesus Christ. ”


15. At the Council, the sect seized power

“ It is only the violent love I bear for my Mother that leads me to tear, to snatch from her face and her body magnificently adorned by God Himself, these loathsome rags, these soiled and sacrilegious cloths in which the World and our Times seek to clothe her. I shall carry my cry to the end. I will plead for my Mother. ”