The Catholic Counter-Reformation in the 21st Century

2. Justice will be heard

John Paul I assassinated ? Absurd. No need to disprove it. So, everything was normal at the Vatican before the death of John Paul I ? Of course ! And on the day of his death, everything was in order ? Absolutely ! And since then…? Oh ! since then, everything has been going from strength to strength in the kingdom of Augeas. So say the court flatterers, and we can take it from them !


1. Murder at the Vatican

The book by David Yallop, IN GOD’S NAME, proves the assassination by poisoning, previously suspected although none of the details were known, of Pope John Paul I during the night of 28 to 29 September 1978, after a reign of thirty-three days on the throne of Saint Peter.

Chronology of a life and a work

Chronology of the life and work of Fr. Georges de Nantes, since its birth in 1924 until his death in 2010.


IV. On the way to a new book of accusation (1978-1983)

Our Father has made a point of criticising the texts of the Council and demanding that they be retracted in their entirety by the same Fathers who promulgated them, and to declare loudly how tremendously humanly aberrant and dogmatically heretical they are.

2. The break at Rome  : from Pius XII to John Paul II

The break, the sign of heresy, schism and sectarianism at Cracow in Poland has therefore a date – 1962 – and a name – Wojtyla betraying Sapieha. The break continued in Rome …


When Fr. de Nantes announced Pope Francis  !

The common faith and an absolutely similar theological outlook that we share with Pope Francis suffice to explain our filial support of the new Pontiff. Furthermore, he fits the profile of the Pope of the renaissance that our Father drew up forty years in advance. It is interesting to reread these texts in order to protect ourselves from the “ integrist peril. ”


Defender of the Faith

An outstanding Roman Catholic priest of today is Fr. de Nantes, philosopher and theologian. He is the leader of the most dynamic traditionalist movement in the French church, and the founder of a flourishing religious community… Learn more?


III. Preparing Saint Pius X’s Return (1973-1978)

In August 1971, our Father presented an antithetical synopsis. “The Catholic religion of saint Pius X and the political utopia of H. H. Paul VI”. (…) It can be claimed that Pius X condemned Paul VI in advance, in his first encyclical. We must choose…

II. The Mystery of the Church (De Ecclesia or Lumen Gentium)

The critical study of the dogmatic Constitution De Ecclesia, also called Lumen gentium is the main axis of the Catholic Counter-Reformation.


Gentle and humble anticipation  : is a new Saint Pius X coming  ?

On August 4, 1903, as though directed by divine Providence, the votes of the conclave fell to Cardinal Sarto, the Patriarch of Venice. The Church was saved by Rome once again. She will be saved again this very year, God willing, there is no doubt about it.