The Catholic Counter-Reformation in the 21st Century
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The Catholic Counter-Reformation in the 21st Century


N° 200 – July 2019

Director : Brother Bruno Bonnet‑Eymard


If you are as yet unfamiliar with the events that launched this new round in the doctrinal debate that has been going on ever since Father Georges de Nantes took exception to the documents of the Second Vatican Council as they were being elaborated and voted during the Council, please read the previous article  : At last  ! the long-awaited answer from Rome has come via a questionnaire from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Jesus  ! Mary  ! Joseph  !

To his Excellency,
Cardinal Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer S. I.
Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
Palazzo del Sant’Uffizio
00120 Città del Vaticano
Saint-Parres-lès-Vaudes, June 13, 2019

Second apparition of Our Lady at Fatima

Recorded delivery with acknowledgement of receipt

Most Reverend Eminence,

Having the honour to address to Your Lordship, and before exposing the object of my request, I must make my own the words that Father de Nantes addressed on July 16, 1966 to Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani, one of your predecessors at the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Prefect of which you are today, by the decision of our Holy Father, Pope Francis.

“ It is right that, before all else, I should declare my supernatural, docile, certain and entire faith in all that we are taught by the Holy Apostolic and Roman Church, as revealed by Our Lord Jesus Christ Who, being the Son of God, God Himself, can neither deceive nor be deceived. I profess that the Magisterium of the Church, in her legitimate Pastors, Our Holy Father Pope Paul VI and the Episcopal Body in union with him, has the authority to fix in dogmatic terms the Truths in which we must believe, and to set down in canonical terms the Laws to which we must subscribe in our religious life and moral conduct  ; not in a totalitarian or arbitrary manner, but as defined and justified by this same Magisterium. It is, therefore, with perfect confidence and serene submission of mind and heart that I dare to address this Sacred Congregation in the person of its Pro-Prefect. To incline me to prompt and wholehearted obedience, it is enough for me to know that my request is no longer addressed to men of uncertain convictions and wavering wills, but to an Authority that is divine in its source, legitimate in its action, dependent in all things on Jesus Christ and intent on invoking His sovereign Authority by surrounding its decisions with all the safeguards of law. ”

Enclosed herewith, Your Eminence, the letter dated April 15, 2019 that Archbishop Georges Pontier of Marseille personally addressed to me in my capacity as “ Head of the MovementCatholic Counter-Reformation,’ ” in other words, in my capacity as Superior General of the Order of the Little Brothers and Little Sisters of the Sacred Heart, founded by Father Georges de Nantes whom I have succeeded. The Archbishop of Marseille has forwarded to me the questionnaire prepared by your Congregation and I inform you that this morning I presented three copies of a memorandum in reply for the attention of Bishop Marc Stenger, of Troyes. One of these was forwarded to Archbishop Yves Patenôtre

It is my honour to send you two copies of this memorandum.

In response to my letter of September 29, 2012 to Bishop Marc Stenger, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith questions us concerning our adherence to the Second Vatican Council and the Magisterium of the Supreme Pontiffs. Therefore, it seems logical to me, Eminence, to ensure that you are personally the recipient of our detailed answers to the five difficult questions that have been asked of us. I have formulated them on behalf of the religious of our communities since, on such matters, we are but one heart and one soul.

Our Father, Georges de Nantes, and we, his disciples, question the orthodoxy of the doctrinal innovations proclaimed by the Second Vatican Council and Popes Paul VI and John Paul II. Our insurmountable doubt raises a fundamental question  : the legitimacy of this formidable reformation of the Church, undertaken by our legitimate pastors as a forced march, yet in the name of freedom, since 1965. This question is therefore of such import that it far exceeds the interests of our own selves, of our Community and even of the local Churches where our houses are located. It concerns the universal Church and therefore falls within the universal jurisdiction of the Holy Father and the Congregation charged with assisting him in the defence of the doctrine of the Faith.

At the very same time as they were being debated, our Father criticised these doctrinal innovations contained in the Acts of the Council. As soon as they were adopted, like a good son towards his father, he hastened to reveal his painful doubts to the Sovereign Pontiff. While he publicly and firmly opposed this innovating, fallible and reformable teaching, he appealed to the extraordinary Magisterium, so that the Church might bring about unity and peace in the name of the Truth of the Faith. Popes Paul VI and John Paul II, however, left Father de Nantes’ appeals unanswered, thus refraining from exercising their Magisterium, the very Magisterium about which we are being questioned today.

I let you take cognizance of our memorandum which, once it has been lodged with you, Your Lordship, gives me the right to renew my request, which was submitted to you by Bishop Marc Stenger and which was aimed to obtain that the Church of Rome, Mother and Mistress of all the Churches, powerfully and decisively perform, with all the safeguards of infallibility, a work of discernment among the new teachings contained in the Acts of the Second Vatican Council, teachings that Father de Nantes denounced as heretical, schismatic and scandalous, notably in his three Books of Accusation against Popes Paul VI and John Paul II.

Please accept, Excellency, my respectful and devoted wishes,

Brother Bruno of Jesus-Mary.
Superior General of the Order of the Little Brothers and Little Sisters of the Sacred Heart