The Catholic Counter-Reformation in the 21st Century

Lucy (Sister)

12. The Modernist Solution of Father Dhanis

According to this Modernist theologian there are two different histories of Fatima, the “old” one, which refers to the first accounts of the apparitions of 1917, and the “new” one, the elements of which were elaborated by Sister Lucy’s creative fervour from 1935 on. He refers to the “old history” as Fatima I, and to the “new history” as Fatima II.

Sister Lucia

Sister Lucy  : The “ Official ” Biography. The plot against the Messenger of Heaven.

Is the full truth about Sr. Lucy’s divine and prophetic mission as well as the insurmountable obstacles that she encountered in her attempts to fulfil it presented in the official biography? By seeking and detecting all that has been censored, we will bring “the real Lucy” back to life.