The Catholic Counter-Reformation in the 21st Century

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At last  ! the long-awaited answer from Rome has come via a questionnaire from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

The letter from Archbishop Pontier of Marseille, President of the French Conference of Bishops; the questionnaire to be submitted to the Community of the Catholic Counter-Reformation; Brother Bruno of Jesus-Mary’s reply in the name of the Community and with its unanimous approval – at long last, our appeal to Rome is underway! Letter to Cardinal Ladaria Ferrer, Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.  (full-text version)

The faith of a new Athanasius

Athanasius Schneider, a Roman Catholic Bishop of Kazakhstan, is a member of the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross of Coimbra. He responded to the Document of Abu Dhabi, which Pope Francis and Imam At-Tayeb signed in the name of peace and the fight against violence. Brother Bruno complements his response by showing in the light of the Message of Our Lady of Fatima the consequences of the Holy Father’s denial in current events.

Pope Francis’ denial

It was with beating hearts that we saw Pope Francis fly off to visit the United Arab Emirates. What a disappointment it was! Under the pretext of “interreligious dialogue,” the Pope left his own religion in Rome. He did nothing more than adapt his discourse to Muslim “monotheism.”


N° 196 – March 2019

It was with a beating heart that we saw Pope Francis fly off to visit the United Arab Emirates. What a disappointment it was! Under the pretext of “interreligious dialogue,” the Pope left his own religion in Rome. He did nothing more than adapt his discourse to Muslim “monotheism.”


N° 195 – February 2019

He is risen ! n° 195 – February 2019

A Heartfelt Cry

The imploring entreaty that Archbishop Viganò addressed to Archbishop McCarrick on January 13, 2019 is a purely supernatural act of theological faith, hope and charity inspired by a “prophetical” spirit in the style of Ezekiel calling on Jerusalem to repent of her “prostitutions” (Ez 16.)

N° 193 – December 2018

He is risen ! n° 193 – December 2018

At last, a bishop speaks  !

When Pope Francis was preparing to canonise Paul VI, the scandal denounced by Archbishop Viganò erupted on the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, August 22, 2018. Since then, the former Apostolic Nuncio in Washington D.C., has delivered two “testimonies,” which complete his first one. To all those who are deeply appalled by them, we need to recall the words of the Child Jesus to Sister Lucy: “Have compassion on the Heart of your Most Holy Mother, covered with thorns, with which ungrateful men pierce It at every moment.”

Letter from a Phalangist friend to Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano

This moral profligacy that is defiling the Church today is only the symptom of much more serious doctrinal depravations. You are right to speak of longstanding “confusion and division.” Father de Nantes has submitted them several times to the infallible judgement of the Pope without ever receiving a reply. It is incumbent upon the Holy Father today to declare where truth or error lies. Only then will he be able to confirm his brothers in the faith and to face up to the formidable commitments of his office.

3.2. Towards the Consecration of the World to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

In 1938, Cardinal Pacelli had blessed at Rome the mosaic of the crowning of Our Lady, destined for the basilica of Fatima. What did he think of Our Lady’s Apparitions and messages on March 2, 1939, when he received the office of Supreme Pastor? Many indications suggested that he might receive Our Lady of Fatima’s requests more favourably than his predecessor.

3.1. “ Now Is the Hour of God’s Justice over the World  ! ”

The year 1939 saw the approval of the reparatory devotion. In 1940, Sister Lucy wrote her letter to Pope Pius XII and in 1941, her two most important Memoirs. She had perfectly fulfilled her mission. Now it was the hierarchy’s turn to act. Would the Secret be disclosed? Would Russia be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart? Everything depended on the Holy Father.

2.10. “ The War Predicted Is Imminent. It Will Be Horrible, Horrible  ! ”

Millions of people were able to watch the nocturnal aurora of January 25-26, 1938. Sister Lucy recognised the event predicted twenty years earlier by Our Lady in Her great Secret of July 13, 1917: “When you see a night illumined by an unknown light…” This spectacular atmospheric phenomenon was the sign of the divine chastisement that was imminent.

18. Neither Schism nor Heresy

Even though I cannot see it, I believe with the certainty of faith that the Church’s salvation resides today as yesterday in her Pastors. Even though temporarily sunk in error and in the sectarianism of their “Reformation,” grace nevertheless still subsists in them indefectibly, if not apparently, and is ready to spring to life, on the day appointed by God, for the salvation of all. The trouble may be very great and the danger to souls mortal but God does not wish to govern us except through the Hierarchy. 

2.9. “ Russia Will Spread her Errors, Causing Wars and Persecutions… ”

In the years 1929-1931, everything depended on the Pope. If Russia had been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, neither the Second World War nor the explosive expansion of communism would have taken place. But since it did not happen, the chastisements began to take place, and misfortunes befell Christendom.

16. “ Set Apart for the Gospel ”

Presentation of the true spirit of Father de Foucauld and his spiritual advancement, which recapitulates the main stages of the life of Our Lord, thus presenting a marvellous illustration of the Gospel.

The Appeal from the Pope to the Pope  : Father de Nantes’ “ Great Affair ”

The prestigious Pantheon-Sorbonne University organised on March 30 and 31, 2017, a colloquium devoted to “The deposition of a Pope – loci theologiae, canonical models and constitutional issues.” With exceptional intellectual honesty, our Father was presented in it as the only theologian who had succeeded in defining and implementing a modern canonical procedure for the case of a Pope who would have deviated from the doctrine of the Catholic Faith.

N° 181 – November 2017

He is risen ! n° 181 – November 2017

2.8. The Ostpolitik of Pope Pius XI

Why did Pope Pius XI not obey Heaven’s requests when he learned of them in 1930? Because since 1917, the Holy See had set on a completely different course. It followed the policy of compromise and conciliation with Bolshevik Russia to an extent hardly imaginable. This chapter retraces this little known history of the relations between the Vatican and Moscow.