He is risen !

N° 203 – November 2019

Director : Frère Bruno Bonnet-Eymard


La Ligue

The Catholic Counter-Reformation
Is Atypical!

THAT is the word that Bishop de Metz-Noblat uses when commenting on Brother Bruno’s letter in which he clarified the distinction between canonical legitimacy and dogmatic truth (cf. A Bishop Reacts.): “an atypical intellectual theological-legal reasoning.” That is really what he wrote! As for our Bishop Stenger, he assured Brother Francis that he would not speak about us in Rome during his next ad limina visit: since we have “spread out,” our case is no longer his responsibility, but that of the President of the Conference of Bishops. This latter, as the Archbishop of Poitiers admitted to our Brother Jean Duns, has no jurisdiction over our Communities. We are going round in circles!

A Phalangist friend analysed with remarkable sagacity the issues raised by Brother Bruno’s response to the questionnaire sent to him by the Archbishop Emeritus of Marseille:

Dear brother,

First of all, let me tell you how moved I was by the reading of your answer to Archbishop Pontier. At first I thought it was somewhat long, but I was wrong. In reality, it was indeed what was needed: a clear, intelligent presentation of the origins and objectives of the struggle led by Father de Nantes and his Community, at a time when everything is fading away, when even the last Council had become part of ancient history, an adventure from another time. Modernism has penetrated so completely into the parishes, or what remains of them, that this reminder becomes essential for anyone seeking the profound reasons for the current ruin of the Church in the West. Young priests, so few in number, are ignorant of the stakes; and their good will, poorly established on superficial training, may not suffice. Among the good Christians who still go to Mass on Sundays, most do not understand how their religion goes beyond a simple cultural tradition and have even more difficulty transmitting it to their children. Young people who belong to various Catholic movements come together more to give themselves an identity than to hear the inaudible voice of their pastors; and despite the early enthusiasm of youth, they are quickly caught up in the moral laxity of our society that flatters all their instincts, justifying them by the pursuit of personal fulfilment.

Last August, Father X. spoke to me about this formal notice from Bishop Pontier, which he had discovered on the vod. He deplored Rome’s silence and remarked the tactical stupidity of those who must be called your opponents: they stir up a fire that they have always wanted to extinguish and they blow on embers that could burst into flames! It warms our hearts to read the pages of your answer and we find ourselves hoping that they will enlighten some mind, a little deeper and more responsible than others, among those in authority. Perhaps the situation is now more favourable to a constructive criticism of our masdu, because of the terrible trials with which the Church is confronted and the weakness of the words and deeds of our Holy Father, alas! Major crises stimulate reflection.

Please, dear Brother, keep our whole family in your prayers and give us, from afar, your blessing,