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2. What is Progressivism?

The art of Progressivism consists in never allowing its plan to be seen. Even the Progressivist troops have only a confused idea of how the offensives they launch by slogans in several directions will serve the general aims of the movement. True Progressivists launch every campaign with a single aim in view, namely to shake an over-rigorous Catholic orthodoxy to make way for their new mystique. In 1959, at the critical point, it had not yet reached its aim, but we were heading in the right direction.

The Mystery of the Church and the Antichrist
1. Within the Church herself, a new heresy.

This letter is the pathetic cry of a man of God who has measured the peril in all its gravity. It is up to each of us to judge whether the terrible crisis that the Church has been undergoing since the 1960s has not confirmed in every respect the lucidity of this diagnosis. Because of its theological vigour and the fact that no other text of the time can be compared to it, this letter marks a milestone in the history of the struggle against Progressivism.

Father Georges de Nantes

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