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John-Paul I, the Pope of the Secret
2. 1960: the parting of the ways

In this chapter we see the Third Secret unfolding: the bloody persecution of Catholics in the Communist world. Their heroic fidelity led Cardinal Frings to say: “We must never forget that the last half-century alone has produced more martyrs than the three centuries of Roman persecution.” Yet, the Church hierarchy stubbornly refused to obey Heaven’s requests. Our Lord’s words to Sister Lucy: “It will never be too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary” strengthen our hope of the Immaculate Heart of Mary’s triumph.

John-Paul I, the Pope of the Secret
1. The Immaculate and the angel

Two months after October 13, 1960 when, at Fatima, a million pilgrims were praying to Our Lady for world peace and against the spread of Communism, the Soviets suffered fatal explosions during their aerospace and nuclear experiments. This was the realisation of the inaugural vision of the Third Secret, the marvellous exegetical, mystical and historical riches of which are set out in this chapter, together with Sister Lucia's urgent recommendations.

“Calls from the Message of Fatima”
Sister Mary-Lucy of Jesus and of the Immaculate Heart speaks to confirm our faith

Sister Lucy, whom Pope Francis recently declared Venerable, did not write “Calls from the Message of Fatima” on her own initiative, but was charged with the mission to teach. In the course of her book, she teaches everything that is lacking in the new catechesis, which is itself the fruit of the new evangelisation that Pope Francis is again trying to revive. There is no way to dispense with the Message of Fatima, “which,” Sister Lucy wrote, “God chose to entrust to me for all men.”