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The Catholic Church in the United States
II. « The Church must accept America. » (1865-1899)

1865-1899: this epoch of the history of the Church in the United States was characterised by a renewed attachment to religious freedom. It seems that the Church was obeying a watchword: dispel prejudice against Catholicism by the practice of open-mindedness, constant dialogue, and respect for others in a common admiration of the new democratic order in the United States. Let us take a look at this charm offensive that the Church launched.

Qurʾān Project: a new publication

What is the author of the Qurʾān trying to relate in this first section of Sūrah 2? A new divine revelation assuredly! Yet the author expressly denies that he is bringing a new revelation. Indeed, he invites men not to follow the example of those who have apostatised the ancient and incomparable revelation made to Abraham in favour of his son Ishmael. All this, however, is shrouded in mystery. Let us follow closely Brother Bruno’s as he begins his explanation of his translation of Sūrah 2.

“Saint Joseph will be their great protector and the Virgin Mary, their Mother.”

Never have the forces of Hell been unleashed to such an extent, never has the Church been so unconcerned about protecting souls, especially those of children. We, however, have no right to be sad, to be depressed because Jesus and Mary are there, because Saint Joseph is our great protector. Jesus cannot resist the requests of the Blessed Virgin, and the Blessed Virgin can but obey Saint Joseph, because he is in command.

The Sauvé Report: our bishops point accusing fingers at our priests!

Instead of solving his problems in private, since the Church can police herself, Bishop de Moulins-Beaufort kneels down to ask the World for forgiveness! He relies on a report drawn up without scrutiny and refuses to challenge it in its most implausible statistics. Then, he proposes compensation on a case-by-case basis, which will hand the Church over to the courts for endless litigations. Jesus, Who is but one with His Church, is crucified a second time by His own ministers!