Books of Accusation


Remise du Liber accusationis I par l'abbé de Nantes à Rome en 1973. “I, who am nothing, feel in conscience bound to ask Your Holiness, in the name of the Church and of the Catholic people whom you have misled into believing that the present Reformation was necessary for the Church, by abusing your own authority over them, that you should bring yourself to justice on a charge of heresy, schism and scandal, publicly persevered in. ”    


Remise du Liber accusationis II par l'abbé de Nantes à Rome en 1983 “ In the same way and for the same serious reasons which made me decide to produce a Book of Accusation against Pope Paul VI for heresy, schism and scandal, and to take it to him in the company of many and worthy persons – a book from which I retract nothing today and which I make it my duty to present to you officially as an eternal witness to the faith of the people of God against the heresies, schisms and scandals of that fatal pontificate – so I am led to formulate the same accusations against Your Person – accusations hitherto unheard of in the Roman Church despite my unworthiness and nothingness, for even more serious reasons and in still worse circumstances. ”

Book of accusation for heresy against the Author of the supposed cathechism of the catholic Church

Remise du Liber accusationis III par l'abbé de Nantes à Rome en 1993. “ This demonstration I shall attempt before you, Most Holy Father, for, if I may say so, I cannot bring myself, despite all the given facts of this enigma, to think or believe that Your Holiness is the author and guarantor of this Book. My complaint, therefore is ‘ against X ’, and that gives me the necessary assurance of heart in this agony, in which I seem to have set myself up as the accuser of my brothers, and even of our Father, persuaded that in so doing I am serving God, the Church and the salvation of souls. With this introduction, here then is my complaint, twelve times repeated and reasoned, against the author of this Catechism, before your apostolic Tribunal, Most Holy Father! ”