Against the Author of the supposed
Cathechism of the Catholic Church

To his Holiness pope John Paul II,
book of accusation for HERESY
against the Author of the supposed
catechism of the catholic Church
a catechism of pride, a catechesis of deceit
by Fr. Georges de Nantes

Preface   To His Holiness Pope John Paul II, Book of Accusation for Heresy against the Author of the supposed “ Catechism of the Catholic Church ”.
First Heresy   An abusive extension of the Church's indefectibility and infallibility in her Head, in her Pastors and in her People.
Second Heresy   Error concerning the universal and absolute predestination of all men to grace, to the remission of sins, and to life eternal.
Third Heresy   The error of a Son of God united to all men for ever, by His mysteries infallibly saving them all.
Fourth Heresy   Error on the innocence of the Jews and the culpability of Christians in the passion and death of Jesus Crucified.
Fifth Heresy   Error of a remote Hereafter outside space and time, of a disincarnate Christ, and of an evanescent Kingdom.
Sixth Heresy   Error concerning the Holy Spirit, the Animator of the New World.
Seventh Heresy   The error of a People of God, convened and led by the Spirit, God alone knows where ! God knows how !
Eighth Heresy   Error of the common priesthood, the antithesis of the hierarchic priesthood. Theodemocracy opposes Christ, sovereign Priest and King.
Ninth Heresy   The apostasy of an antichrist cult of Man based on the repudiation of the Heart and Cross of Jesus.
Tenth Heresy   Error of so-called Christian Democracy, secular, personalist, and socialised.
Eleventh Heresy   State secularism, man's freedom in contempt of God's Law, sign of the final apostasy and of God's chastisement.
Twelfth Heresy   Your gnosis, Most Holy Father.