Chronology of a life and a work

Point the letters (cf.) to have references appear of the Catholic Counter-Reformation works that treat the subject in question. If the reference is in French, the document has never been made available in English.


Life of Fr. de Nantes

The Church and the World

Apparitions at Pontevedra.
Condemnation of Action française.
Apparition at Tuy.
M. et Mme de NantesAs a result of his father’s transfers, he studies six years with the Marists at Toulon and two years with the Jesuits at Brest.
The Call of Silence (a film on the life of Fr. Charles de Foucauld by Léon Poirier).
Georges de Nantes au PuyOctober : Pupil for four years at Our Lady of France boarding school in Puy with the Brothers of the Christian Schools.
March : Condemnation of Communism and Nazism.
Le pape Pie XII12 March : Pius XII elected Pope.
1st April : End of the Spanish Civil War.
3 September : World War II.
Maréchal Pétain10 July : Marshal Pétain, head of the French State. National Revolution.
October : Faculté catholique de Lyon, certificate in psychology.
June : Volunteer with the Youth Workers of the National Revolution.
31 October : Consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart.
Séminaire d’Issy-les-MoulineauxOctober : Entry into the philosophy seminary at Issy-les-Moulineaux.
Coeur Immaculé de Marie
Summer 1944 and 1945 : Holiday training at the Prado (Lyon).
October : Entry into the theologate.
Procès du Maréchal Philippe Pétain11 February : Yalta Accords, beginning of Communist expansion.
23 July – 15 August : Trial of Marshal Pétain.
20 November : Beginning of the war in Indo China.
Last year studying in the Carmelite seminary and the Institut catholique de Paris.
Ordination de l’abbé de Nantes27 March (Holy Saturday) : Ordained a priest by Mgr. Caillot, Bishop of Grenoble.
First Mass at the church of Chônas, Easter Sunday.
October : Philosophy professor with the Frères missionnaires des campagnes.
Soeur Lucie de Fatima25 March : Sister Lucy enters the Carmel of Coimbra.
Autumn : Religion and politics writer, under the pseudonym “Amicus”, for the daily Action française.
Continues his higher education (4 licences) then a double thesis for the doctorate in theology, one on “ The Person and his Relations” (unfinished), and one on “ The Metaphysical Structure of the Person in St. Thomas Aquinas” (refused for “modernism” in 1952).
June : His anti-Modernist and anti-progressivist teaching causes him to be dismissed from the Frères missionnaires des campagnes.
October : Chaplain for the Blind Sisters of Saint Paul in Paris.
August : Humani Generis.
1st November : Proclamation of the dogma of the Assumption.
June: First trip to Rome, for the beatification of Pius X. Lodged a complaint at the Holy Office against Father Congar’s book, “ Vraie et fausse réforme de l’Église”.
23 July : Death of Marshal Pétain.
April : Expelled from the Diocese of Paris by Cardinal Feltin after having delivered a conference talk at Nantes entitled “ The MRP, Harbinger of Communism”.
Summer : Invited by his bishop to teach in the major seminar of Grenoble; a cabal has him removed from there, and he finds himself « on the sidewalks of Paris ».
L’abbé de Nantes professeurSeptembre : Professor of Religious Instruction, then Professor of Philosophy and House Father at the Oratorian College at Pontoise. Meets the future Brothers Bruno and Gérard.
7 July : Sacro vergento anno.
Incomplete consecration of Russia.
16 November : Death of Charles Maurras.
7 May : Fall of Dien Bien Phu, definitive loss of French Indo China.
1st November : Start of the war in Algeria.
L’abbé de Nantes professeurJune : Resignation from the College of Pontoise to enter the Novitiate of the Carmelite friars, but he is refused there at the last minute on account of his excessively reactionary attitude.
Septembre : Professor of Philosophy for three years at the College of Normandy.
1st October : First Letter to My Friends. They will appear then without stopping at the rate of a twenty per year.
January : Soviet invasion of Hungary.(cf.)
January – November : L’Islam sous la toise. Islam under scrutiny. Review of the work of Hanna Zacharias on the Qur’an published in L’ordre français.
March : Meeting with Fr. Théry, OP (Hanna Zacharias), who encourages him to found his own community.
Drafting of the Rule.
November 1957 – August 1958 : Pilgrimages to Lisieux, Lourdes and Ars.
Retreats at the Grande Chartreuse and with the Little Sisters of Père de Foucauld
at Montpellier.(cf.)
26 December : Fr. Fuentes interviews Sister Lucy.

Principal events

Principal studies

The Church and the World

9 January : Interview with Mgr. Le Couëdic, who reserves him a place in his diocese.
Église de Villemaur15 September : Installation as parish priest of Villemaur, Pâlis and Planty.
1957-1961 : Letters of Spirituality:
Father de Foucauld, the Holy Family in Nazareth, the Holy Spirit and the Church.
March : Khrushchev President of the USSR.
28 September : Founding of the Fifth Republic.
Le pape Jean XXIII28 October : John XXIII elected Pope.
Fruitful parish ministry.
Frère Bruno en AlgérieThe first three brothers (Bruno, Gérard and Christian) perform their military service in Algeria.
October : Beginning of the series Mystery of the Church and the Antichrist (1-25). Denunciation of the heresy of progressivism.
August : John XXIII decides not to reveal the Third Secret.
January : 1960, Year 1 of the expansion of World Communism. (cf.)
17 May : Mgr. Venancio’s letter to the bishops of the world.
6 August : Mgr. Le Couëdic bestows the monastic cowl.
July : Beginning of the series « The Gospel and Politics » on the defence of French Algeria.
22 April : The Generals’ Putsch in Algiers.
December : India invades Goa.
14-31 March : Confinement at the Major Seminary of Troyes by order of the government because of his public opposition to the abandonment of Algeria.
11 October : Declared opposition to Vatican Council II.
21 November : Brother Bruno and Brother Gérard are refused Holy Orders.
Concile Vatican II1962-1965 : Chronicle of the Council.
The Conciliar texts are analysed as soon as they appear and their errors unmasked.
18 March : Évian Accords.
11 October : Opening Discourse of Vatican Council II.
22-28 October : Cuban Missile Crisis.
April : Mgr. Le Couëdic’s ultimatum: he must be silent or be dismissed.
4-21 June : Second trip to Rome to seek justice.
Interview with Cardinal Philippe.
15 September : Suspended “ab officio”. Forced to leave Villemaur, the Community takes up residence at Saint-Parres-lès-Vaudes. (cf.)
January – February : Letters on Teilhard de Chardin and Karl Rahner.
Septembre : What is Integrism ? (Letter to My Friends, No. 151)

Maison St-Joseph

11 April : Pacem in Terris.
Pape Paul VI21 June : Election of Paul VI.
May : Third trip to Rome.
Septembre : First recorded Community retreat. They will continue to be so each year.
The Constitution Lumen Gentium.
6 August : Ecclesiam Suam.
December : Paul VI in Bombay.
Mgr Le Couëdic, évêque de Troyes10-19 December : Mgr. Le Couëdic threatens sanctions. Letter of reply.
February-July : The Church and the MASDU. Explanation and criticism of Paul VI’s heresy, which makes of the church a Movement for the Spiritual Animation of Universal Democracy.

Paul VI à l’ONU

Conciliar Declarations:
4 October : Paul VI goes to the UN. (cf.)
The Constitution Gaudium et Spes.
7 December : Closing of the Council. Proclamation of the Cult of Man by Paul VI.
April : Appeal to Rome. Mgr. Le Couëdic refuses to send the petition to Cardinal Ottaviani.
July : His case is introduced at the Holy Office.
February-July : Commentary on the Credo, I-VI (Letters submitted for Bishop’s approval).
Septembre – February 1967 : On Arianism and the Masdu.
S 6 : The Liturgical Year: publication of his recorded sermons (idem in 1980 and 1985).
MaoAutumn : Cultural Revolution in China.
Premier numéro de la Contre-Réforme catholique au XXe siècleOctober : First issue of the Contre-Réforme catholique au XXe siècle, a monthly review that replaces the Letters to My Friends.
Notre-Dame de FatimaJune : The True Message of Our Lady of Fatima.
October – March 1968 : Open Letter to Paul VI.
February : Resignation of Mgr. Le Couëdic. (cf.)
26 March : Populorum progressio.
May : Paul VI makes the journey to Fatima. (cf.)
5-10 June : The Six-Day War. (cf.)
25 April – 5 July : Directive resulting from the trial at the Holy Office. Encouraged by Mgr. Lefebvre, he refuses to sign a formula of general retraction.
February : First Page mystique.
April – October : Open letter to Cardinal Lefebvre on the subject of the new catechism.
May : ’68 Demonstrations.
30 June : The Credo of Paul VI. (cf.)
25 July : Humanæ Vitæ. (cf.)
February : In Paris, in the Auditorium of the Mutualité, launching of a national crusade against the new catechisms.
23 May : At Troyes, interview with Cardinal Lefebvre. New refusal to sign.
16 July : My profession of Catholic Faith (answer to the ultimatum).
9 August : Notification of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith: Fr. de Nantes is « disqualified ».
L’abbé de Nantes en 1971May 1969 – August 1970 : Lettre sur le catéchisme hollandais.
October 1969 - June 1970 : Controversy over the New Mass, judged to be “valid but bad” after an unanswerable demonstration, often repeated during the 70s.
Mgr Albino Luciani
15 December : Albino Luciani, Patriarch of Venice.
David BoyceFebruary : First issue of the « Catholic Counter-Reformation (CCR) ». English translation by Dr. David Boyce.
March : Founding of the League of Catholic Counter-Reformation (CCR).
October : First League Congress. It will take place annually thereafter, and its conferences will be recorded.
February : The Church, the Church Alone! (Definition of the Catholic Counter-Reformation’shigh ground)
December : The Peace of the Church, a tract defining the conditions for a truce among Catholics.
Septembre : Intervention of the Jordanian Army against the PLO.
January : The first regional League circles are formed.
October : Foundation of the Little Sisters of the Sacred Heart, who take up residence at Maison Sainte-Marie.
Conference tour throughout France and abroad.
August : St. Pius X’s Catholic Religion and H. H. Paul VI’s Political Utopia: a synoptic demonstration of the contradictions between the Letter on the Sillon and the Pope’s discourses.
14 October in Paris, Auditorium of the Mutualité : Toward Vatican III: Council of Counter-Reformation.
Salle de la Mutualité - Paris - Vatican III
  L’abbé de Nantes - Salle de la mutualité
December 1971 – October 1972 : Beginning of the monthly conferences in the Auditorium of the Mutualité in Paris: Preparing Vatican III, a critical study of the eleven conciliar Constitutions and Decrees with a suggestion for a schema to undo their damage at the next Council.
August : Our Lady, Mercy!
Hasard et certitude, (G. Salet) on the origin of life, DNA, and molecular biology. (cf.)
Liber accusationis I - Rome 197310 April : First Approach to Rome to submit the Liber Accusationis in Paulum Sextum.
18 October : Consecration of the League to the Sacred Heart of Jesus (3500 Catholics at the Mutualité).
November : Distribution of theLiber to the clergy of Rome, without results.
December 1972 – October 1973 : Kerygmatics: Theology that is based on the proclamation of Apostolic preaching and that responds to modern questions by a greater understanding of the mystery. (Cardonnel, Teilhard, Duquesne, Léon-Dufour, Taizé)
Increase in the number of audio recordings: Holy Week Retreats, sessions during the feasts of Pentecost, All Saints, the Sacred Heart and the Assumption, Marian retreats…
January : Retreat of American troops from Vietnam.
10 June : Yom Kippur War.
26 June : General Pinochet’s coup d’état in Chile.(cf.)
April : First veiled cautioning against Mgr. Lefebvre’s schismatic leanings.
Septembre : Opening of the Permanence Charles de Foucauld in Paris.
October : The Isorni trial against de Nantes on the Jews’ responsibility at the trial of Jesus.
November – December : First trip to Canada.
January – August : Catholic apologetics: Renewed demonstration of the credibility of Christianity, responding to the modern objections of science and philosophy.
28 September : The League’s three-point Act of Union.
19 October in Paris : For a new Christendom, under the sign of Fatima.
November : First Chronicle of current events at the monthly meeting in Paris. From then on it would take place every month.
April : Declaration of French bishops on abortion. (cf.)
26 April : Carnation Revolution in Portugal. (cf.)
May : Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, President of the French Republic. (cf.)
June : Watergate scandal, President Nixon’s resignation.
Youth Council at Taizé. (cf.)
October : Memoirs of Cardinal Mindzenty.
November : Simone Veil law on abortion in France.
February : Trip to Écône. In his editorials Abbé de Nantes urges Mgr. Lefebvre to assume leadership of the doctrinal debate with Rome.
March : Mgr. Lefebvre publicly disavows Fr. de Nantes.
Septembre : First Catholic Counter-Reformation retreat camp. One will take place each year and have a variety of historical and doctrinal topics as its theme.
February – November : The great crises of the Church: For a historical understanding of our high ground: neither integriste, nor progressivist, but traditionalist. (Arianism, Nestorianism, Pelagianism, Dialectics, Protestantism, Quietism, Modernism, MASDU.)
22 November in Paris: For a Catholic nationalism.
Accelerated Communist expansion: South Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Angola, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Madagascar.
1st August : Helsinki Accords on European security and cooperation. (cf.)
20 November : Death of Franco. Juan Carlos, King of Spain. (cf.)
Summer : Beginning of the “bicycle camps”. Each year they will bring together hundreds of children chaperoned by the brothers along all the roads of France.
Summer : Editorials denouncing the path adopted by Mgr. Lefebvre leading to schism.
January – November : The Great Debates of our Time: Definition of a critical and forward-looking traditionalism.
Philosophy course, given at Maison Saint-Joseph.
13 November in Paris: French Authenticity. The role reserved for the true France in world geopolitics.
God is God, for God’s sake! (Maurice Clavel)
French ills. (Alain Peyrefitte) (cf.)
November : Jimmy Carter, President of the United States. (cf.)
January – March : Public debate with Father Congar on religious liberty and the infallibility of the Council. (cf.)
L’abbé de Nantes lors d’une controverse avec le P. Congar
November 1976 – August 1977 : The Sacraments: Theological and pastoral aspects of the seven Sacraments.
January 1977 - August 1978 : The Catholic Counter-Revolution. Political, historical and military studies in reaction to Alain Peyrefitte’s book, and defining the terms of a true national restoration.
19 November in Paris: Goulag or Christianity, in response to the « New Philosophers ».
27 February : Illegal occupation of the church of Saint-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet by the Fraternity of Saint Pie X.
June : Brejnev, President of the Supreme Presidium of the USSR.
Le Cardinal Luciani et Soeur Lucie de Fatima11 July : Interview of Sister Lucie with Cardinal Luciani.
15 September : Perpetual vows.
October : Brother Bruno participates in the scientific congress on the Holy Shroud, on which he becomes the foremost expert in France.
25 November in Paris : The League approves an initial letter of supplication to be sent to the Holy Father for the peace of the Church.
November 1977 – September 1978 : A mysticism for our times. The search for an open and appealing way to union with God and the mystical life, by following the path of beauty.
August : Funeral Oration for Paul VI.
Septembre – October : Editorials on John Paul I :
Another Saint Pius X without knowing it.
The saint that God gave us.
November : The 150 Points of the Phalange: our “little red book”, a global summary of Catholic Counter-Reformation doctrine, Catholic, royal, communitarian.
6 August : Death of Paul VI.
26 August : Election of John Paul I.
Septembre : First Lebanese War.
Jean-Paul II16 October : Election of John Paul II.
Enlargement of Maison Saint-Joseph is completed.
May : Second trip to Canada.
Notre-Dame de GuadalupeDecember : Brother Bruno goes to Mexico to study the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe
January – Septembre : Series of articles on John Paul II’s political compromising , on The Polish illusion and on human rights.
February : Beginning of the Mémoires et récits, our Father’s memoirs that were published each month until 1992.
Le Saint-Suaire de TurinAugust : First special issue devoted to the Holy Shroud of Turin.
24 December in Paris: The Four Ways of Being Right with the Pope. The Catholic Counter-Reformation chooses the necessity for demands of truth, but with confidence that the Church must save herself.
February : Publication of the book : Péril en la demeure written by the philosopher Jean-Marie Paupert.
4 March : Redemptor Hominis.
  Marie Noël
November 1979 – July 1980 : The great confrontations of the century: the great modern anti-Christian systems (Pagan humanism, Judaism, Freemasonry, Islam) compared with the divine plan of salvation by the Church.
13 June in Chartres: Study of the literary works of Marie Noël.
Septembre : Special issue on Our Lady of Guadalupe.
22 November in Paris: Against the war. The announcement of an imminent third World War, its causes and remedies for France.
April : Letter on the Eucharist. (cf.)
May : John Paul II’s trip to France. (cf.)
November : Reagan, President of the United States.
Le pape Jean-Paul II30 November : Dives in misericordia.
13 May : « Fr. de Nantes commits grave theological errors. » (Mgr. Lanzoni, of the Secretariat of State, in a letter to a private individual)
5-21 October : Third trip to Canada.
December : Brother Bruno makes trips to:
-Bologna (Sindonological Congress)
-Rome: Interview with Mgr. Re: Fr. de Nantes does not commit any doctrinal error. His fault is: an “erroneous ecclesiastical situation”. (cf.)
November 1980 - October 1981 : Scientific Apologetics: A refutation of so-called “modern” science, in its philosophic principle and its a priori against the Faith. (To finish with Kant, Galileo, Einstein, Monod, Darwin, Lorenz, Teilhard, Freud et Marx)
January : Soft apostasy for the year 2000.
Notre-Dame de FatimaMay : Marian Retreat in Brittany: The Whole Truth about Fatima: This session will place the rest of the Catholic Counter-Reformation combat under the banner of Our Lady of Fatima. An exhaustive study that will be published in four volumes.
21 November in Paris: The deadline… 1983: The danger of a Soviet invasion of ’ Europe.
April : Jean-Marie Lustiger, Archbishop of Paris.
13 May : Assassination attempt made on John Paul II.
May : F. Mitterrand, President.
Summer : Pontifical dialogue with Chinese Communists.
14 September : Laborem exercens
October: The catechism Pierres Vivantes (Living Stones).
May : The Catholic Counter-Reformation participates in the Joan of Arc procession in Paris for the first time.
June : The Supreme Imposture. Decision to make a second approach to Rome to lodge an accusation against John Paul II following his pilgrimage to Fatima.
17 June : Maison Sainte-Thérèse is founded in Canada. Fr. de Nantes will go there every year in the month of September. (cf.)
November 1981 – September 1982 : Total Metaphysics. In opposition to John Paul II’s false philosophy, Fr. de Nantes expounds his relational metaphysics.
January – Septembre : A series of editorials with titles that are more and more accusatory of the Pope.
20 November in Paris : Russia before and after 1983: The history of holy Russia, her soul and her vocation, her expiation and her coming conversion.
February : Schismatic episcopal consecration of Fr. Guérard des Lauriers. (cf.)
13 May : John Paul II’s trip to Fatima.
June : Israel’s Invasion of south Lebanon, dispersion of the PLO. (cf.)
15 September : John Paul II receives Yasser Arafat in audience. (cf.)
N’ayez pas peur ! (Be Not Afraid!) (A. Frossard - Jean-Paul II)
Liber II - Rome 198313 May : Delivery of the Liber accusationis secundus. Mgr. Hamer refuses it in the name of the Pope and pretends that Fr. de Nantes has recognised his errors.
16 May : Deceptive communiqué published in L’Osservatore Romano.
June – July : Letters of protest to the Pope, to Mgr. Hamer and to Cardinal Ratzinger go unanswered.
February – April : Karol Wojtyla, his life, his ideas.
November 1982 – June 1983 : The Church sick because of the Concile. A retrospective : 20 years after.
August : Camp-retreat on Maurras, from A to Z. The first stage of a critical revision of the work of the master of Action Française, completed in 1986.
August : Our Religion in Full. Response to the “ Pierres Vivantes” (Living Stones) catechism.
19 November in Paris : France before and after 1789… and after 1983: History Interpreted, bringing out what God’s plan is for nations. A study that would be continued beginning in 1988.
Charles Maurras
23 October : Attack in Beirut against French forces. (cf.)
13 July : Maison Saint-Georges is founded in Canada.
Toussaint : Founding session of the Phalangist Communion, the community’s third order.


November 1983June 1984 : Total Politics: In search of the Catholic religion, of Greek wisdom and of Roman order. Nation, legitimacy, monarchy of divine right.
May – November : Apparition at Medjugorje ? A critical study of these apparitions and of the Pentecostal movement that promotes them in the Church. A complete book will be published in 1991.
December : The manifesto of the Phalangist Communion.
March : Fr. Laurentin makes the Medjugorje apparitions known.
25 March : Act of offering of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
13 May : Explosion of the Russian nuclear arsenal at Severomorsk.
May : In God’s Name (D. Yallop). (cf.)
Septembre : John Paul II in Canada. (cf.)
November : Cardinal Ratzinger raises the alarm against the reform of the Church. (cf.)
January : Offer to meet with Cardinal Ratzinger is not followed up, due to a dissuasiveintervention by the Pope.
February : First “Phalangist actions”; with “competence and courtesy”, the young members of the Catholic Counter-Reformation participate in debates on subjects within our sphere of activities.
February : First annual pilgrimage of the Catholic Counter-Reformation to Fatima.
November : Petition for the peace of the Church, brought to Rome during the Synod and distributed to the bishops.
November 1984 – June 1985 : Total Apologetics: The necessity of the Faith and “Catholic orthodromy”. The Church is the central force of universal history.
March : First Letter of the Phalangist Communion, published in the monthly Catholic Counter-Reformation bulletin, 6 times every year.
16 November in Paris : Long live the army ! It is the last force of order and reaction in France, which is delivered up to democracy.
11 March : Mikhaïl Gorbachev, General Secretary of the Communist Party. Glasnost and perestroika.
December : Roman synod of bishops for the twentieth anniversary of the Council.
March : The beginning of the “anti-sect” slander campaign agains the Catholic Counter-Reformation. (cf.)
March - April : Lawsuit of Éditions Tardy against Fr. de Nantes, because of the republication of their pre-Conciliar catechism.
15 November in Paris : After twenty years of vain appeals to the judgement of men, the appeal to the judgement of God: in the form of trial by ordeal, Fr. de Nantes confronts Cardinal Lustiger.
8 December at Maison Saint-Joseph : Beginning of the year of the Faith, entreaties in expectation of God’s judgement.
December 1985 - April 1986 : Chronicle of the synod.
November 1985 - June 1986 : Total Morality: Faith, hope and charity in the relationships of the divine covenant.
Pentecost : Phalangist morality: Preaching adapted to practical conjugal and familial life. The first of six series on the same theme.
Septembre 1986 - June 1987 : “ L’écolâtre et le disciple” : Controversy on Thomism.
February : Mgr. Lefebvre criticises the Pope and the synod. Exchange of correspondence with Cardinal Ratzinger. (cf.)
18 May : Dominum et vivificantem. (cf.)
Réunion interreligieuse d’Assise
27 October : Interfaith meeting in Assisi.(cf.)
Le choix de Dieu, de Mgr Lustiger8 December at Maison Saint-Joseph : The Sign of Christ: The Lord’s answer is Cardinal Lustiger’s apostasy, which is manifested in his book, God’s Choice.
November 1986 – June 1987 : Total Theology : Work of supernatural faith and natural reason, but enlightened by relational metaphysics.
Histoire sainte du CanadaFebruary : Sacred History of Canada, by Brother Pierre de la Transfiguration. Application of Catholic Counter-Reformation doctrine to Canadian history.
25 March : Redemptoris Mater. (cf.)
July : Mgr. Zanic condemns the apparitions of Medjugorje.
August : Vatican (Malachi Martin).
5 December : God’s Choice (Jean-Marie Lustiger).
30 December : Sollicitudo rei socialis.
April – June : A wind of criticism in the Phalange concerning the positions taken by Fr. de Nantes against Le Pen and Mgr. Lefebvre.
13 June : Dissolution of the Phalange.
Sigle de la Communion Phalangiste
1st October : The new Phalange’s Founding Congress.
November 1987 – June 1988 : St. Pie X, a light for the Church in our twentieth century.
January : Aaron Lustiger’s Jewish creed.
July : The Qur’an, translation andsystematic commentary, by Brother Bruno of Jesus
(First of three volumes).
Septembre : Apologia pro vita ejus.
26-27 November in Paris : Opening of the year of the Holy Face.
The Holy Shroud rehabilitated by science.
24 April : Presidential elections : François Mitterrand re-elected thanks to the votes in favour of Le Pen that divided Chirac’s electorate.
30 June : Schismatic episcopal consecration of four bishops by Mgr. Lefebvre.
15 August : Mulieris dignitatem.
January – June : Catholic Counter-Reformation participation in the meetings on the Council that take place at Montmartre.
Septembre : Dissension and defections in the religous communites founded by Fr. de Nantes.
October 1988 - June 1996 : The History of holy and sweet France interpreted.
Charles Boulanger7 May in Paris : St. Joan of Arc, virgin and martyr, (L 67) discovery of the works of Charles Boulanger (1956).
May 1989 - April 1990 : The Dreyfus affair, reviewed and corrected.
1st March : Rome imposes an Oath of Fidelity on all the Catholic clergy, including l’allegiance to “doctrines in movement”.
April : The White Admiral (Koltchak) by V. Maximov.
Autumn : The media campaign of Fr. Fox on the consecration of Russia. Falsification of Sr. Lucy’s testimony.
Rencontre Jean-Paul II et Gorbatchev1st December : Meeting of John Paul II and Gorbachev. (cf.)
Summer : Construction of the new Maison Sainte-Thérèse in Canada.
Maison Sainte-Thérèse
January 1990 – February 1991 : True and false mysticism : Discernment in mysticism and the low road to perfection.
April : The truth about the martyrdom of little King Louis XVII.
July – August : How we canserve well the Magisterium of Peter, a theological explanation of the Catholic Counter-Reformation position.
Septembre : Community retreat: St. John’s testimony at the trial of Jesus, the Son of God.
Louis XVII
Mgr. Daucourt appointed bishop of Troyes.
7 December : Redemptoris missio.
Summer : Construction of the new Maison Saint-Georges in Canada.
Maison Saint-Georges
July : The 7Q5, royal gift of Jesus to his Church (review of an article in 30 Days).
Septembre : Community retreat: King David, figure of Jesus Christ.
24 November in Paris : True or false science, for or against Jesus Christ.
Against Guitton and the Bogdanovs.
17 January : Gulf War. (cf.)
25 March : Death of Mgr. Lefebvre.
13 May : John Paul II at Fatima. Sister Lucy stands up to him.
August : Fall of Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin comes to power. (cf.)
January : This adorable secret, our only hope. Consecration of the year to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
First mention of the pre-existence of the soul of the Virgin Mary.
New slanders poured out against Fr. de Nantes.
Frère François au Congrès internationale sur la pastorale de Fatima11-12 October : Brother Francis of Mary of the Angels participates in the International Congress on the pastoral aspect of Fatima and denounces the falsification of Sister Lucy’s message.(cf.)
January – February : Gospel and Archaeology. These scientific studies as well as subsequent ones will become the content of three offprint books.
February – April : Juridical study of the Second Vatican Council.
August : Retreat Camp on the religion of the Greeks, with theatrical presentations, which will take place every year thereafter.
Sainte-Thérèse de l’Enfant-JésusSeptembre : Community Retreat: The new Saint Thérèse.
13 April : Paul Touvier acquitted in the Court of Appeals.
20 September : Treaty of Maastricht, on Europe. (cf.)
October : The Catechism of the Catholic Church.
Procès de Paul Touvier27 November : Reversal of the Touvier trial in the Supreme Court.
13 May : Third and last approach to Rome, against the author of the supposed Catechism of the Catholic Church.
Septembre : Community Retreat : Circumincessant Charity, a synthesis of 40 years of teaching on mysticism (taken up again in 1997 and 1998).
October - December : Study of the prophecies of St. John Bosco. They concern the years 1996-1999.
13 May in Rome : European Cultural Forum. John Paul II annonces the process for beatification of Paul VI. (cf.)
6 August : Veritatis splendor.
  Histoire de la Grande Guerre
January 1993 – November 1994 : True history of the Great War of 1914-1918.
February – July : The Touvier affair: Fr. de Nantes accuses Republican justice.
August : Phalangist Camp: The XIIth century, the springtime of Christendom. The beginning of a vast historical and literary review, from the Middle Ages to the present.
October : Crossing the Threshold of Hope !(Conversation of John Paul II with V. Messori) (cf.)
May : The decision is taken to make a large Catholic Counter-Reformation pilgrimage to Fatima in October 1996.
November – December : The launching of a Eucharistic and Marian Crusade in view of Fatima.
December : « The Freppel Movement », the chosing of a new master for our school of thought and political wisdom.
January : Publication of the « Logia », sermons recorded on a daily basis, revealing spiritual treasures : The Eucharistic Heart to Heart, positive purity, the Rosary, etc.
November : From Nazareth to Loretto: the house of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Jean Duns ScotNovember 1995 – March 1996 : The theology and metaphysics of Bl. John Duns Scotus.
30 March : Evangelium vitæ.
April : Pétain: the Lost Victory, 1918-1940 (Guy Pedroncini).
May : Jacques Chirac, President.
Summer : The Brothers and Sisters of Jesus (François Refoulé). (cf.)
10 January : Publication of the Guyard Report on sects. In it, the Catholic Counter-Reformation is classed among the “dangerous sects” !!! (cf.)
27 July : Unofficial declaration of Mgr. Daucourt on Fr. de Nantes. Slanderous campaigns.
August : Fr. de Nantes receives the ordre to leave the diocese.
Retreat at the Grande Chartreuse, then visit to the communities in Canada.
Letters and meetings between Mgr. Daucourt and Brother Bruno.
22 September : Last Letter to the Phalange, then, complete reclusion in the Abbey of Hauterive in Switzerland.
13 October : John Paul I Pilgrimage de la Catholic Counter-Reformation to Fatima. (cf.)
27 December : Mgr. Daucourt wants to impose a new status and new superiors on the Community without taking into account our doctrinal opposition.
January – September : The stages of our Marian Crusade to Fatima: Our Lady of Loretto, Our Lady of Victories, Our Lady of Pontmain, Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of La Salette.
August : St. Thomas More Camp on the XVIth century: Humanism, Lutheranism and Counter-Reformation.

Pèlerinage Jean-Paul Ier à Fatima - 1996

18-19 May : First Eucharistic miracle of Our Lord at Moure, Portugal.
Miracle eucharistique de Moure
10-25 March : Mgr. Daucourt’s Monition and Fr. de Nantes’ response.
9-13 May : Mgr. Daucourt’s canonical precept and request for revocation.
1st July : Decree inflicting a suspension and interdict on Fr. de Nantes.
4 July : New hierarchical appeal, forwarded to Rome by the Apostolic Nunciature, with the three Liber accusationis, for an examination by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
8 December : Consecration of the Phalange to the Immaculate Conception.
Fr. de Nantes “makes way for the Blessed Virgin”.
December 1996 – December 1997 : Father de Foucauld, at the source of our Father’s spirituality.
April : Special issue for the centenary of the photograph of the Holy Shroud; project for a Catholic Counter-Reformation pilgrimage to Turin.
August : Camp on the XVIIth century in France.
Saint Maximilien KolbeNovember : Saint Maximilian-Mary Kolbe, martyr of the Immaculate.
February : Lionel Jospin’s Socialist government.
Semaine Sainte : On the Arte television network, the programme Corpus Christi, against the historicity of the Gospels.
The truth about the “condemnation” of Action Française (Philippe Prévost). (cf.)
18 May : Second Eucharistic miracle at Moure.
Septembre : The World Youth Days in Paris.
24 March : Rome’s rejection of the appeal, which confirms the suspension but not the interdict.
9 May : John Paul I Pilgrimage to Turin, veneration of the Holy Shroud and visit to St. John Bosco, forerunner of the victory of Mary Help of Christians. (cf.)
24 May : Fr. de Nantes’ Appeal to the tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, against procedural illegalities.
July : Profession of faith and oath of fidelity according to the Motu proprio.
July - October : A liberating Motu proprio.
August : Camp on the XVIIIth century.
Septembre 1998 – January 1999 : Exegetic polemic against Fr. Boismard and Fr. Nodet.
4 May : Assassination of the Commandant of the Swiss Guard at Rome. (cf.)
18 May : Third Eucharistic miracle at Moure.
- Motu proprio Ad tuendam fidem.
Summer : Mgr. Stenger is appointed Bishop of Troyes to replace Mgr. Daucourt.
14 September : Fides et ratio.
December : Strengthening of the French State’s laws concerning youth and education. (cf.)
9-14 June : Community pilgrimage to Portugal: Porto – Tuy – Moure – Coimbra – Fatima. (cf.)
7 July : The Prefect of Morbihan orders the closing of the Catholic Counter-Reformation summer camps for children by the police.
Slander compaigns. (cf.)

Mgr Freppel

January – May : The three secrets of Blessed Mary of the Divine Heart.
Leo XIII’s fruitless consecration to the Sacred Heart in 1899.
February : St. Louise de Marillac’s dream concerning the pre-existence of the Virgin Mary.
April : Fr. Freppel, Wisdom and Alacrity (Volume I).
August : Retreat camp on the years 1789-1848 (limited participation due to persecutions).
November – February : General Mihailovitch, a Serbian hero and Christian martyr.
March : NATO’s military intervention in Kosovo.
13 June : Surprise occupation of the Pristina airfield in Kosovo by Russian troops.(cf.)
Chrétiens du TimorAugust – September : Massacre of the Christians in Timor.(cf.)
16-17 May : Fr. de Nantes’ pilgrimage to Portugal with Brother Bruno.
22 July : He gives his last conference on the Third Secret. His illness increasingly prevents him from writing and preaching.
Summer : Resumption of the Catholic Counter-Reformation camps, despite republican laws.
December 1999 - February 2000 : The date of Christ’s birth and the chronology of the Gospels.
June – August : Literal and exegetical commentary on the Third Secret.
From then on current events willalways be analysed in the light of the Secret.
August : Retreat camp on the years 1848-1900.
Pape Jean-Paul Ier19 November in Paris : Il Papa Luciani, the Saint and the Martyr.
John Paul I, the Pope of the Secret.
January : Jubilee ceremonies.
25 April : Repentance for the faults of the Church of the past. (cf.)
27 March : John Paul II prays at the Wailing Wall. (cf.)
7 May : Vladimir Putin’s inaugural ceremony. (cf.)
13 May : John Paul II at Fatima: Beatification of the seers.
26 June : Official publication of the Third Secret of Fatima.
13 August : Sinking of the Koursk. (cf.)
Septembre : Beatification of Pius IX et John XXIII. (cf.)
Declaration Dominus Jesus.(cf.)
January : The monthly bulletin is given the new name: Resurrection.
June : The press discloses the Apostolic Signatura’s “secret” decision.
Brother Bruno replies by justifying our Father’s canonical position. (cf.)
October : An “anti-sect” police search is carried out at Maison Saint-Joseph, with internments, interrogations, and fiscalinquiries.
The Catholic Counter-Reformation will be exonerated of all charges in 2004.
February – April : The secret of Mgr. Lefebvre, his usurpation of the Pope’s powers of jurisdiction beginning in 1980.
Refutation of Sodalitium’s sedevacantism.
May – July : The theology of the Resurrection.
August 2001 – June 2002 : In the footsteps of the Vendéens and the legitimists.
August : Retreat Camp on the years 1900-1914.
August – November : Vladimir Soloviev, prophet of the conversion of Russia.
Hiver : Russian military intervention in Chechnya.
May : John Paul II at the great mosque of Damascus.
Attentat du 11 Septembre à New York11 September : Terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. (cf.)
December: UN military intervention in Afghanistan. (cf.)
May : Inauguration of the Catholic Counter-Reformation’s Internet Website.
August : The monthly bulletin is renamed He is Risen !
13 September : Death of Brother Hugues of Christ the King; he is refused a religious funeral ceremony. (cf.)
Mgr Freppel tome 2July : Mgr. Freppel, a Combative Bishop (Volume II).
August : Retreat Camp on World War I: 1914-1918.
January : Economic fusion of Europe.
24 January : Second interfaith meeting in Assisi. (cf.)
October : Revision of the Calvi affair. (cf.)
October : Rosarium Virginis Mariæ, for the Jubiliee year of John Paul II. (cf.)
  Les Appels du Message de Fatima
August : Beginning of a literal commentary on Sister Lucy’s book: Calls from the Message of Fatima.
August : Retreat Camp on the interwar period
Guerre en Irak - BagdadJanuary : Second War of Iraq, launched contrary to international law. (cf.)
17 April : Ecclesia de Eucharistia vivit.
October : Beatification of Mother Teresa.
December : Opening of the diocean process for the beatification of John Paul I. (cf.)
8 June : Ceremony of the burial of Louis XVII’s heart at Saint-Denis. The Catholic Counter-Reformation participates actively in it.
August – September : Our Father participates in the retreat camp and travels to Canada with Brother Bruno.
August : Retreat camp on Marshal Pétain and the National Revolution.
Film La Passion de Mel GibsonMarch : The Passion, of Mel Gibson. (cf.)
7 April : The Reims Court of Appeal confirms the judgement of the county court that exonerates the Community of all accusations relating to the anti-sect campaign.
1st May : Jubilee Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Puy.
Benoît XVI
August : Retreat Camp on the post war years (the Liberation, the Indo-Chinese War).
13 February : Death of Sister Lucy of Fatima.(cf.)
2 April : Death of John Paul II.
19 April : Election of Benedict XVI.
July : Publication of the Compendium (Summary of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, revised and corrected). (cf.)
August : World Youth Days at Cologne.
13 November : Beatification of Father Charles de Foucauld.
Le Père Krémer17 February : Death of Fr. Joseph Krémer, a faithful friend of our Father. (cf.)
28 July : Death of Fr. Henri Saey, a faithful friend of our Father.
May : Beginning of the study of Professor Anati’s discoveries on Har Karkom, the true Mount Sinai.
August : Retreat Camp on the Algerian War.
25 January : Publication of the encyclical Deus caritas est.
19 February : Translation of the body of Sister Lucy to Fatima.
November : The Pope’s trip to Turkey. (cf.)
11 November : Death of Reverend Mother Marie-Noël.(cf.)
12 November : Mgr Stenger’s letter to Brother Bruno and his reply. (cf.)
13 May : Publication of Brother François’ book Fatima,Salvation of the World.
August : Retreat Camp on the Second Vatican Council.
June : Publication of the book of Benedict XVI Jesus of Nazareth. (cf.)
7 July : Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, which rehabilitates the ancient Roman liturgy. (cf.)
December : Publication of the encyclical Spe Salvi.
May : Community pilgrimage to Lourdes for the 150th anniversary of the Apparitions. (cf.)
Procession eucharistique à Lourdes
December : Extension work on the chapel of Maison Saint-Joseph.
August : Retreat Camp on the Church in the post-conciliar years (1966-1978).
Septembre : Publication of the book Amicus, a French Priest (articles on religious politics that were written by Fr. de Nantes between 1949 and 1952).
July : World Youth Days in Sydney.
August : Russia-Georgia War.
Septembre : Benedict XVI’s trip to France.
19 October : In Lisieux, France, the Beatification of Mr. and Mrs. Martin, the parents of St. Thérèse.
October : The stock exchanges plummet. The international financial crisis worsens.
5 December : Death of the Patriarch de Moscow, Alexis II.
July : Publication of Autodafe, a critical analysis of the texts of the Second Vatican Council written by Fr. de Nantes during his reclusion in 1996.
August : Retreat Camp on the Church and the first years of John Paul II’s pontificate (1978-1988).
29 June : Encyclical Letter Caritas in Veritate.
October : The beginning of “conversations” in Rome between Vatican authorities and the Fraternity of Saint Pius X.
15 February : Death of our Father, Fr. Georges de Nantes.