Petition to Pope Francis

This petition was sent to the Holy Father in person through the post on October 1, the first day of the Month of the Holy Rosary.

Most Holy Father,

In his Liber Accusationis in Paulum Sextum, which he addressed “ to our Holy Father Paul VI by the grace of God and the law of the Church sovereign judge of all Christ’s faithful, ” Our Father, Georges de Nantes, the founder of the Little Brothers and Little Sisters of the Sacred Heart, presented a “ complaint against our brother in the Faith, Pope Paul VI, on account of heresy, schism, and scandal. 

Submitted to the Holy See by its author and sixty delegates of the League of the Catholic Counter-Reformation on April 10, 1973, this Book of Accusation, which is more than a hundred pages long, has never received the slightest response. Therefore Most Holy Father, how can you consider beatifying your predecessor, Paul VI, whom you hold in blessed memory !

Must we, brothers and sisters of the Sacred Heart, and Phalangists of the Immaculate, believe that by accusing Pope Paul VI, Fr. de Nantes has himself fallen into heresy, schism and scandal ? This is something that could be possible, and we would willing to acknowledge it, but only on one condition : that you deign to reply to his complaint.

Otherwise, the beatification that you have announced for next October 19 will not only be null and void in our eyes of Catholics of the Counter-Reformation, but it will be sacrilegious in the eyes of God Most Holy.

 Who am I to dare to rise up against Your Holiness to ask you to pass judgement upon yourself ? ” Fr. de Nantes began. Then he replied, “ I am nothing, and you are everything. Even the insignificant position that I had ten years ago – that of country parish priest – is mine no longer for, suspended by the Bishop of Troyes since August 25, 1966, I have been deprived of the right to celebrate Mass or to preach, in the diocese in which I live – while you occupy the highest place of honour on this earth and, in the Church, a position of such responsibility that no greater can be imagined and one, moreover, which enables you to receive help and guidance from the Holy Spirit in a way open to no other human being.

 How, then, dare I rise up against you ? 

As for me, who am even more inferior, a mere nobody, I find in this very abjection the strength and audacity to rise up against this beatification that you, Most Holy and beloved Father, are going to decree in contradiction with all truth and justice !

You have been responding to all grievances with marvellous and universal pastoral solicitude for one and a half years now, yet you did not acknowledge the gift of my book : Georges de Nantes, the Mystical Doctor of the Catholic Faith, which I sent to you and for which I took the liberty of writing a dedication. Nor have the functionaries of your administration replied to the damning dossiers that we have sent denouncing the substantiated and obstinate heresy, schism and public scandal that Pope Paul VI introduced into the Church under the pretext of a required reformation and the pressure of an unspeakable abuse of authority.

In the person of Fr. de Nantes, “ the mystical Doctor of the Catholic Faith, ” Paul VI was accused by the Church herself through her indefectible infallibility, but the Pope never consented to reply to the appeal made to him by Fr. de Nantes who, with faith, hope and charity, held Paul VI to be “ the authoritative and infallible voice of the very Faith of the Church. 

Thus, Most Holy Father, this BOOK that Pope Paul VI refused to receive, which nevertheless exists, sees its value, its strength increase tenfold by forty years of silence. When it was taken to Rome, it acquired a definite, infinitely serious, indisputable and steadfast ‘ canonical cause of action. ’ Now that this book is separated from its deceased author, its title and contents confer on it an autonomy, an objectivity, an authority, let us say, a power beyond that of its writer.

 This book does not contain Fr. de Nantes’ Memoirs, wild imaginings, prophecies, or theology, ” he himself wrote. “ Had it been something of the sort, we would have been admitted to pay our respects to the Pope, like the fellaghas and racing cyclists ; the book would have been accepted with congratulations and  my work  would have taken its place on the bookshelf that the Holy Father would have assigned to it according to its worth, in his office, upstairs or in the basement.

 This book is, rather, an accusation. From the moment that the accusation is made, it exists independently of its author and it takes hold, it works on its own. It has its own life, its own strength, its internal power to detonate. It is a bomb. In this case, the bomb has absolute power : an accusation made against the living Pope Paul VI Montini, for heresy, schism and scandal. ” (The Lesson of Rome, CRC no 68, p. 2)

Now, what did the Pope do ?

 To take the book and open it would have been the end of him. If a bomb disposal expert is unable to defuse the bomb, he will be killed by it. Paul VI has no curiosity to know what the book contains : he is familiar with the gist of it already, as the result of the process at the Holy Office instituted against myself, at my own request, between 1965 and 1969. As a result of that he knows also what conclusion would follow any process against himself, were such a one ever to be opened !

 So the Pope had no other choice but to shut himself up in his Palace surrounded by police and carabinieri, having given orders to all his entourage to do the same so as to avoid any contact with this bomb ; and then to use all the methods of the totalitarian system reigning in the Church for the past ten years to prevent the bulk of ordinary Catholics from coming into contact with it. My bomb would thus explode in the middle of a desert [...]. The strategy was perfectly conceived, decided and accomplished. It is now said, known, and recognised that Paul VI is guilty of heresy, schism, and scandal. And that is that ! No one will speak of it ever again except the handful who constitute the  so-called League of the Catholic Counter-Reformation, all of whom will be considered, thanks to the Bonne Presse (a Catholic press office), as a group of lunatics  : “ A dangerous sect ! 

If, however, Most Holy Father, you do not hear our complaint, if you raise Pope Paul VI to the altars, while disregarding the accusation that was levelled against him, it will be the Good God Who will reply to you, as Our Lady of Fatima warned us in Her great Secret of July 13, 1917. Before dying, Blessed Jacinta insistently reminded her cousin : “ People are to ask the Immaculate Heart of Mary for peace, since God has entrusted it to Her ” Otherwise…

During this month of October we are going to celebrate the 97th anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima, and of the ‘ great miracle ’ that She worked “ so that all might believe, ” I venture to ask you on bended knees, Most Holy Father, to beseech you to accede to the demands of Heaven that are for the earth exigencies of Divine Mercy. They are contained in two requests.

The first concerns the Communion of Reparation. On December 10, 1925 in Pontevedra, Spain, Sr. Lucy saw the Child Jesus and His Mother :

 The Child Jesus said to me : ‘ Have compassion on the Heart of your Most Holy Mother, covered with thorns, with which ungrateful men pierce It at every moment, without anyone making an act of reparation to remove them. 

 The Most Blessed Virgin said to me : ‘ Behold, My daughter, My Heart surrounded by thorns with which ungrateful men pierce Me at every moment by their blasphemies and their ingratitude. You at least try to console Me and say that to all those who on the first Saturday of five consecutive months go to confession, receive Holy Communion, recite five decades of the Rosary and keep Me company for fifteen minutes whilst meditating on the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary, in a spirit of reparation, I promise to assist at the hour of their death with all the graces necessary for the salvation of their souls.  

The second request concerns the consecration of Russia. On June 13, 1929 in the chapel of the Dorothean sisters in Tuy, Sister Lucy, who was twenty-two years old at the time, was favoured with a Trinitarian, Eucharistic and Marian theophany :

 Suddenly, the whole chapel was lit up with a supernatural light, and on the altar there appeared a cross of light that reached to the ceiling.

 In an even brighter light, there was visible, on the upper part of the cross, the face of a man and His body to the waist. On His breast there was a dove of more intense light, and, nailed to the cross, the body of another man. A little below the waist (of this man), suspended in the air, one could see a Chalice and a large Host onto which were falling drops of Blood, flowing over the cheeks of the Crucified and from a wound in His chest. These drops ran down over the Host and fell into the Chalice.

 Beneath the right arm of the Cross, there stood Our Lady with Her Immaculate Heart in Her hand. It was Our Lady of Fatima with Her Immaculate Heart in Her left hand, without sword or roses, but with a crown of thorns and flames.

 Beneath the left arm (of the Cross), some large letters, as though of crystalline water running down from above the altar, forming these words  Grace and Mercy  [...].

 Our Lady said to me :  The moment has arrived when God asks the Holy Father to make, in union with all the bishops of the world, the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, promising to save it by this means. 

Henceforth, Sr. Lucy never ceased to insist that the two requests had to be addressed conjointly to the Pope himself. This is what God wanted then, and this is still what He wants today :

 In my heart of hearts, the good God is insisting that I ask the Holy Father to approve the reparatory devotion, which God Himself and the Most Blessed Virgin deigned to request in 1925. By means of this little devotion, They want to give the grace of forgiveness to the souls who have had the misfortune of offending the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

 If I am not mistaken, the good God promises to put an end to the persecution in Russia, if the Holy Father deigns to make, and orders all the bishops of the Catholic world to make also, a solemn and public act of reparation and consecration of Russia to the Most Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and if his Holiness promises, in return for the end of this persecution, to approve and recommend the practice of the reparatory devotion of the First Saturdays of the month. ” (Letter to Fr. Gonçalves, May 1930)

 I take advantage, Most Holy Father, of this opportunity to ask Your Holiness to deign to propagate and bless this devotion for the whole world. ” (Letter to Pius XII, of December 2, 1940)

It is urgent, Most Holy Father, to respond to Heaven’s demands when Russia, and the whole world along with her, is threatened with a terrifying inferno.

Brother Bruno of Jesus-Mary.