4. The kingdom of Satan

TO shake the Church from top to bottom, to stand by and watch while religion and morals disintegrate, and make no firm, no supernaturally inspired, effort to stop this, cannot be simply the result of naïveté or preoccupation with other matters. To betray Christendom for the benefit of every variety of subversion, to collaborate with international Communism striving to dominate the West – to help prepare its invasion by Bolshevism – cannot stem merely from a genuine – if unrealistic – pacifism... There is more to it than that.

Here, once again, there is more to guide us than mere conjecture. Certain scandals are well-known to all, and their meaning clear enough to those who are aware of the occult forces with which you sought to make contact – and also of that other invisible Power to which you would not listen. Two names, the sites of two different sanctuaries, give us the clue: Manhattan, and Fatima. In other words, the centre of Freemasonry on the one hand, and on the other, the place chosen by the Immaculate Virgin, Mother of God – the home of the Powers of Darkness, and of Light.

The question which has been haunting us throughout the whole of this LIBELLUS OF ACCUSATION is this: how can a Pope regard the world as intrinsically neutral, and how can he believe that both the Church collectively and each of her faithful individually can play their part in a new human community from which God is deliberately excluded, one based on secular values and the Cult of Man, without this leading to a weakening of their own faith, and finally to apostasy ?

How can you think, speak and act as though, when the world rejects God, it did not automatically fall under another Power ? How can you disregard the fact that when the great of this world refuse to serve Our Lord Jesus Christ and to honour the Blessed Virgin Mary, their souls necessarily become enslaved to the Prince of this World ?

But let us not mince our words. You know, Most Holy Father – for their teaching was for you as well as for us – that all your Predecessors told us that the Powers of Satan are not satisfied with exerting an influence that is wholly invisible and immaterial, and remains confined to individuals. They become embodied also in certain institutions, carrying out their oppressive, aggressive functions in a visible manner through individuals and organisations whose distinguishing mark is that they are occult. Your Predecessors made every effort to unmask these and anathematise them, identifying them by certain characters: their opposition to the Church, their claim to be tolerant of all views, their supposed “ search for truth ”, their frank secularism... When they recognised these marks, your Predecessors knew that they were on the scent of the Evil One and they took every care to protect Catholics from such movements.

“ Let no one have any contact with those who hide their deepest intentions under the mask of universal tolerance and respect for all religions, and are obsessed with the idea of reconciling the maxims of the Gospel with those of the Revolution, Christ with Belial, and the Church with the godless State. ” The one who spoke thus is generally acknowledged to have been the most liberal among your Predecessors – Leo XIII. (December 8, 1892)

Your naïveté must be one of appearance only, serving to drive us straight into the jaws of the wolf – and thereafter you too turn into a ravaging wolf. If we wish to remain fully loyal to the urgent instructions of your Predecessors, then we must “ avoid all contact ” not only with the Synagogue of Satan – which implies going against your counsels, exhortations and orders – but also with yourself, who “ hide under a mask of universal tolerance and respect for all religions ”...

And again, following the instruction given by St. Paul to Titus: “ Haereticum hominem post unam et secundam correptionem devita ” (Tit. 3.10), we must avoid contact with you !

You are indeed hiding under a mask – and here I am obliged to disillusion those of our friends who are convinced that you have, for the past ten years, been hiding your orthodox Catholicism under the mask of a Mason. For it is not so. As Leo XIII and the rest of the Church’s true Pastors pointed out, he who wears a mask does so in order to hide a face which is uglier than the disguise, for he intends to deceive the world. No Catholic Pontiff has ever disguised himself under a mask. It is the wolves who disguise themselves, wearing the clothing of sheep !

What we have been observing throughout the course of this Liber is your “ mask ”, and it is so disturbing already that we should, “ after the first and second admonition, avoid ” it. (Tit. 3.10) Liberalism, Dialogue, the Cult of Man – these form your mask. But your true face, your true soul, which lie hidden beneath it – what are these like ?

Strange bedfellows

On January 17, 1971 we saw, on the cover page of Documentation Catholique, a picture of the Pope taking part in “ the Ecumenical Celebration at the Town Hall in Sydney on December 2. ” This is appalling. There is not a single one among your 262 Predecessors who would have given himself up to such a sacrilege – and one which is committed against the very Person of the Pope. The worst of them would have been among the last to think of such a thing, for the Church would have promptly rid herself of them. For even if the men who are gathered together for these occasions are individually innocent, it is the Adversary of Christ, and not He Himself, who presides over such a confluence.

But that is not all. On June 10, 1969 – and here again we are indebted to a cover page of Documentation Catholique – you took part, together with Cardinal Willebrands, in the “ common prayer at the World Council of Churches ”. That was even more serious, for that is the very place where the occult powers are at work for the victory of World Heresy – all the various forms of dissidence combined – over the “ intolerance ” and “ sectarianism ” of the One True Church. And that is where you go to pray ! How – and to Whom – we are impelled to ask – can you pray in such a place ? The reporters tell us that you even went into the “ ecumenical chapel ” to meditate. (Documentation Catholique 69, 628; July 20, 1969)

It is generally acknowledged even by Protestants – I mean the well-informed among them – that the World Council of Churches is an offshoot of international Freemasonry, and closely linked with the other visible institutions which serve as instruments of the latter – the United Nations, UNESCO, the International Labour Organisation, the World Food and Agriculture Organisation, etc. These are all working towards that World Democracy by means of which Freemasonry seeks to achieve the reign of Satan over the world. And the other one we have just been talking about – the one where you went to pray – constitutes the Movement for its Spiritual Animation: it is the Christian religion used to aid the promotion of Satan’s design. Guided by the brave denunciations of your Predecessors, we are able to recognise here THE TWO BEASTS OF THE APOCALYPSE: temporal power – the rule of Satan – on the one hand, and on the other, the New Religion placed in his service (Ap. 13)

And so, after leaving the one, you made your way, on that same June 10, 1969, to the other, and addressed the ILO as one who is committed to serving the Beast, but who masquerades under the guise of a Catholic Pope in order to seduce all the peoples into his service. In your speech you ascribed to the Beast all those qualities of supernatural perfection which our Faith tells us belong to the Church alone, and you made a profession of faith in something which is part of Satan’s design. It is enough to re-read your Discourse to the ILO and the comments made in the press concerning the atmosphere of that meeting, to leave us in no doubt that we have – shall we say – an admirer and well-wisher of international Freemasonry parading in the guise of Pope.

That Discourse forms a link between your Discourse to the UN Assembly on October 4, 1965 and a series of diverse messages ” – each more shattering than the last – between October and December 1970: to the United Nations, the World Food and Agriculture Organisation, and the Christmas Message to Mankind. I have made an analysis of these, and the results are appalling. You make every effort to carry the whole Church with you into adopting the Masonic Credo and serving the interests of the international Masonic organisations. The motto of the Great Design of these organisations – as I recalled in my analysis, for the benefit of Catholics, of your Discourse at the United Nations – is the famous SOLVE ET COAGULA. The natural, historic and religious communities – in particular the Church and the Catholic States – where the true God is recognised as Master, are to be dissolved and then the fragmented mass of individuals thus uprooted and deprived of all direction – effectively de-Christianised – is to be reconstituted into large world-wide co-operatives serving under the New Messiah, “ THE PRINCE OF THIS WORLD ” !

The masonic brotherhood and the rite of initiation

One is no longer surprised at anything. Even the most serious suspicions are justified. When the Bishop of Cuernavaca, Mendez Arceo, had asked the Council to consider reconciliation with our Masonic Brethren – only a few days after your visit to the United Nations – and Msgr. Pézeril had visited a Lodge in order to explain the post-Conciliar Church’s plans for the future, we could be excused wondering whether the Pope himself were not a sympathiser or even whether he had not already been initiated into the Brotherhood, and wished to indicate this by means of riddles.

For we know that on the occasion of your visit to the UN, you entered also the Masonic sanctuary of the building – the Meditation room, in the middle of which stands “ an altar to the faceless god ”. (Paris Match, October 9, 1965) I discussed the occult, Judeo-Masonic significance of that room, its furniture and decorations, in my Letter No. 218 (Lettres à mes Amis, December 8, 1965). You may even have read this, in connection with my “ Process ”. The room represents, to all intents and purposes, the chamber of reflection of a Masonic Lodge, through which every candidate must pass in the course of his Initiation. Well, you passed through it; were you perhaps being initiated ? And only after that were you able to speak – using correct Masonic terminology – before the General Assembly, 65 per cent of whose members belong to the Brotherhood.

Since the interment in Marseilles, “ with full Masonic honours ”, of a certain Brother Jarnes, following the religious ceremony at the Church of Saint-Giniez, on January 23, it can no longer constitute any disrespect to assume that Your Holiness had wished to give a pledge of brotherhood to the Grand Freemasons of Manhattan. We are indebted to your friend Msgr. Etchegaray for the following clever explanation of this your feeling of brotherhood which fits so well into the rest of your personal apostolate: “ The new, harmonious, climate does not mean that there are no serious problems in this ‘ ecumenism ’ (sic) between the community of those who believe in Jesus Christ, Son of God and Saviour of the world, and the family of Freemasons who are searching for a universal religion of which all the various cults are, in their view, only passing manifestations. There is no antithesis between Faith and Reason (sic !!!) but their point of contact is still to be found. ” (From an Allocution by Rev. Vernède given under the supervision of Msgr. Etchegaray. Documentation Catholique 73, 197) In other words, Faith pertains to Christianity, and Reason to Freemasonry, and some day in the future the two are to meet in a greater Ecumenism ! It is one of the Brotherhood who speaks thus !

The most “ serious problem ”, in fact, is how to accept that the Pope can think, speak, and act as one versed in Freemasonry; for your expressions of loyalty to the United Nations and its creed formed one of those SCANDALS of which you make deliberate use to “ unblock ” the Church’s status quo and set her moving in the direction of your Universal Brotherhood.

Towards the restoration of world Judaism

If you be anybody of note, and have shown some evidence of good-will towards Freemasonry, you will before long receive some decoration from the forces of International Jewry. The latter is in fact extending its rule over the world with the help of the former, which is its long-established secular branch. John XXIII discovered this to his cost in the course of the affair of the Council’s Declaration concerning the Jews. Cardinal Bea and Cardinal Leger too must have been aware of this, for the former was awarded the gold medal of the B’nai-B’rith, “ the highest distinction of the most exalted of the international Jewish organisations ”, and the latter, the annual “ Family of Mankind ” prize of the “ Anti-Defamatory League of the B’nai-B’rith ” which, according to the Montreal Press, is “ one of the most ancient and most influential organisations concerned with the preservation of the rights of man… At the present time it is engaged in promoting inter-religious understanding...and in working, jointly with the other democratic forces, to suppress propaganda of hate and anti-Semitism. ” We know this language all too well,... and this is your avowed programme too !

It is therefore not surprising that, after you had passed through the “ Meditation Hall ” – which for them has the significance of a Jewish sanctuary – the Jewish Organisations of the United Nations should have agreed to meet you, in – of all places – the Church of the Holy Family, on the October 4, 1965. And their spokesman, Philip Klutznick, expressing his joy at the fulfilment of the Biblical prophecies in the reconciliation of all men under the banner of the United Nations, was voicing, not only their belief, but yours also, as you had formulated it shortly before at the tribune of the Assembly.

Since that meeting there has been no cloud over your friendship with these “ Sons of the Covenant ”. Cardinal Suenens pays them visits when he is in the United States and the B’nai-B’rith frequent the Vatican. You even addressed them specifically, at the public audience on June 3, 1971. That too was an act of scandal, deliberately prepared as part of your advance, but there were no expressions of indignation. Admittedly, you spoke in English:

“ Dear friends, it affords Us pleasure to receive in St. Peter’s your distinguished group of the Anti-Defamatory League of the B’nai-B’rith. On this occasion We are glad to recall the wish of the Vatican Council ‘ to foster and recommend a mutual knowledge and esteem, which will come from biblical and theological studies, and brotherly discussions. ’ (Nostra Aetate, 4)

“ In that ministry of reconciliation and peace, which is peculiar to Us, We are especially sensitive to all forms of discrimination, which interfere with fraternal charity towards men and are an offence to human dignity and to God Himself. We have recently spoken out openly against every form of discrimination based on race, origin, colour, culture, sex, or religion (Oct. Adv.,16).

“ We pray the Lord, Father of all to deign to bless your efforts to create this climate between Christians and Jews, and between all men, a climate in which love shall reign for the good of all mankind. ” (Osservatore Romano, June 3, 1971)

And you gave them all your blessing, Christians and Jews together, without any “ defamatory discrimination ”. But is this lack of discrimination not fundamentally the same as Peter’s denial of his Master, for the sake of keeping his peace with the Jews ? And does that “ reconciliation and peace ” for which you are working conjointly with the B’nai-B’rith not demand that Christ should be crucified anew and denied for all eternity ?

By now, Most Holy Father, no one in the Church is surprised at anything that you may do. You even received in private audience, on May 17, 1969, the President of the “ Temple of Understanding ”, Mr. Hollister. She presented you with a miniature model of the Temple and you assured her that you would pray for the success of her work. But you were aware, through Cardinal Vagnozzi, your Apostolic Delegate in New York, of the true nature of this Temple of Understanding: “ An occult enterprise of the Illuminati whose aim is the founding of ‘ the World Religion ’ or ‘ Human Brotherhood ’. One of its members and sponsors is the Secretary for Defence, Robert Strange McNamara… Edith K. Roosevelt tells us that the meditation room of the Temple of Understanding is to be known as the ‘ Hall of Illumination ’. There, it is planned, the Illuminati, Masters of Wisdom, will instruct the public in the new cult of humanism. There, the citizen of the world is to cultivate universal understanding instead of remaining restricted to his particular national or religious outlook. ” (French CRC No. 3, p.9, quoting from The Temple of Understanding Newsletter, June 1967, and The Herald of Freedom, August 11, 1967)

And for this enterprise, involving the denial of Christ and the creation of a world religion which you know well enough will imply the reinstatement of Judaism, you promise to pray ? Who, then, are you, Most Holy Father ? Seated on the Throne of Peter, arrayed as the Vicar of Jesus Christ...could you possibly be the one we are beginning to fear that you are ?