WHAT made it possible for heresy to erupt within the Church on the scale on which it has, over the past ten years ? Beyond any doubt, the call first made on October 11, 1962, and oft repeated by yourself since then, for a new language, for new formulations which would make the Catholic Faith accessible to modern man and increase its credibility for him (the concept also appears in the Credo and Mysterium Fidei !). Under the umbrella of this vast doctrinal “ aggiornamento ” all the heresies in the world were able to shoot up into the light of day without any risk of suppression, for had not total liberty and immunity been promised to “ Christians engaged in research ” ? Scholars and theologians had imprudently been allowed completely free rein (Discourse given at the University of St. Thomas, Manila). Just as though you actually wished to provoke a drama, you chose the moment when improvisation and creative inventiveness were already widespread, when it had become fashionable to change everything, for the abrogation of those instruments and institutions whose task was to safeguard doctrine. Authority was yielding, rule and order were being abolished. The result could only be a free-for-all.

Surely, if you felt strongly about the orthodoxy of the Faith, you would not have let it go so cheap ! Indeed, so many of your doings can only be explained on the assumption that you have a certain fear of orthodoxy, in a number of respects, and a hearty dislike for the Ordinary Magisterium and for the teaching of your Predecessors. It is because you are yourself guilty of heresy that you are so keen to free the Church from the yoke of the Catholic Faith. It is because you yourself merit condemnation that you are neither able nor willing to condemn anyone.

Moreover, you persist in tolerating, even protecting and supporting, often in opposition to the loyal services of your Roman Curia, all the heresy mongers at large today, even where you do not share their errors; for the various heresies have a sort of mutual sympathy for each other, and their common opposition to the Faith links them together more strongly than their individual differences separate them. Thus you feel an indirect solidarity towards all the heresy mongers and, realising that you have their support, you make yourself their accomplice and give them the protection of your Sovereignty.