Point 13. Against So-Called Liberalism.

1. The secret societies would have battled against the Church of Jesus Christ in vain, had they not found traitors within her fold ready to open up the gates and hand the Church over to them. These are the liberals.

Catholics they are and claim to be better ones than the others because, in the name of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they refuse to fight the enemies of Jesus Christ. Thus they eventually have for friends and allies their former enemies and for enemies the people of their own household, their Catholic brethren, against whom they have vented their fury for a century now.

2. Through a peculiar derangement of mind and heart, on which they pride themselves as the mark of great intelligence and generosity, the liberals refuse to believe that their adversaries could ever be blinded by fanaticism or hatred. Preferring to adopt the point of view of others, they apply themselves to granting it the same chances of truth, the same credibility and the same force as theirs, which is the Catholic point of view. In that way they cheapen the truth and end up reducing all beliefs to the same level under the pretext of charity.

3. As a result they demand a conciliating attitude from the Church, an end to anathemas, the opening of dialogue and a common search for the truth with men of all beliefs. Already they have proclaimed a unilateral truce, which is exposing the Catholic community to the influence of her fiercest enemies and delivering her faithful into their hands under the pretext of a universal reconciliation and equal charity towards all men.

Won over to the great Masonic principle of tolerance, they come to regard our faith, which is sure of itself and of its truth, as intolerably integrist and fanatical, narrow-minded and mean-hearted, worthy of condemnation and exclusion. Thus it is that these apostles of tolerance become denouncers, calumniators, inquisitors and persecutors of their brethren whom they wish to see banished from the Church or consigned to some distant refuge, so that finally charity may reign with liberty!

4. The Phalangist knows that their first great effort was to make the hierarchical Church officially and effectively liberal. He knows that their next attempt is to obtain from the hierarchy the banishment, disqualification and elimination of intransigent Catholics. If that were possible, their treason would be consummated and Jesus would once more be handed over to His enemies by Judas, to be condemned and put to death.