Point 22. The Remedy for the Lusts of the Flesh: Purity.

Christ readily pardoned sinners and yet it was at the cost of a cruel Passion and the shedding of His Blood that He expiated for their crimes. By His example and that of His Blessed Mother He thereby inaugurated this change of life, this new creation for which the pagan and apostate peoples sigh in vain, where flesh and blood are the matter of a perpetual sacrifice pleasing to God for the salvation of the world. A new spiritual existence has begun, in this earthly and temporal flesh which is, however, brought under control, sanctified and purged of all its fevers, as though already risen and transfigured.

1. The Phalangist necessarily shares in this new life and, without it being for him an impossible burden, he not only accepts the purity prescribed by the Church as a rule of life, for each according to his condition, but he loves, esteems and recommends it. If he should fall or relapse into any fault, still more if he should have the misfortune to be excluded from the community of the faithful through some public sin, he will seek absolution in order to re-enter into grace with his Lord and his brothers, without ever contesting Church law or doubting the superabundant power of divine grace.

2. Hence in any community of which he is a member, the Phalangist will wish and even demand that this evangelical law be proclaimed and observed as the very law of nature and human civilisation, the practice of which is made possible for all through the aid brought by Christ and distributed by the Church.

If the “ carnally minded ” should protest against such demands as intolerable, instead of yielding to their desire that the law of our Christian societies should reflect pagan morality, the Phalangist will protest that the law must lead to the faith and that the faith requires the life of the sacraments, full of strength and grace, whereby alone the Lord’s command becomes sweet and His burden light, raising the human morality of men to the perfection of holiness befitting the sons of God.