Point 5. The Religion of the Covenant.

1. The Phalangist founds his hope on the word of God, the revelation of the Covenant which God contracted with men from the earliest days, a Covenant lost and regained, ceaselessly broken by man’s sin and indefatigably renewed by the mercy of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Jesus Christ, the same God as that of the philosophers and wise men, now become close to men and the friend of their happiness.

2. The Bible is the revelation of the entire Sacred History of God with men, from Genesis to the Apocalypse. It mysteriously unveils the meaning of existence for each and every one of us. For the Phalangist, it is his only Sacred Book. He takes it as he has received it from Holy Mother Church, in its two Testaments, the Old and the New, the obsolete and the definitive, the former prefiguring and preparing for the latter, which is its never-failing fulfilment.

3. The Old Testament reveals God’s great plan of mercy for the human family, His fallen creature. Salvation is already promised to Adam and Eve in their descendants. God makes a Covenant with Noah and his descendants for ever. In Abraham will be blessed all the peoples of the earth. Before long the Covenant of Moses reveals and realises Israel’s election, its establishment in the Promised Land, and its divine gifts of a faith, a law, a king, a holy City, a Temple, a formal worship of God and an inspired wisdom, as it awaits a New and Eternal Covenant. The latter will come with the promised Messiah, Jesus Christ, a Covenant open to all peoples at all times, and its worship will be in spirit and in truth, in preparation for the eternal life of Heaven, the consummation of God’s love for men.

4. The Phalangist knows himself to be the legitimate heir to ancient Israel and a member of the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ. Sure of God’s promises and of their complete future fulfilment, he meditates on the Bible in the light of tradition and the Church’s teaching, so that he may know God, the designs of His Wisdom and Mercy, and thus enter His Kingdom even now on earth and in Heaven.

The Bible remains the immortal form of the Phalangist’s higher thoughts and mystical prayer.