MOST Holy Father,

“ Secular, profane, humanism has finally revealed itself in its terrible shape and has, in a certain sense, challenged the Council. The religion of God made man has come up against a religion – for there is such a one – of man who makes himself God.

“ And what happened ? An impact, a battle, an anathema ? That might have taken place, but it did not. It was the old story of the Samaritan that formed the model for the Council’s spirituality. It was filled only with an endless sympathy. Its attention was taken up with the discovery of human needs – which become greater as the son of the earth makes himself greater.

“ Do you at least recognise this its merit, you modern humanists who have no place for the transcendence of the things supreme, and come to know our new humanism: we also, we more than anyone else, have the cult of man. ”

Thus spoke Paul VI at the close of the Council on December 7, 1965. You applauded, and, since then, you have made your own this cult of man associated with the cult of God. I expressed my vehement indignation at this to Paul VI, in my first Liber Accusationis: “ a discourse unlike any other in the annals of the Church and unlike any other that is ever to come... ”

The Church then appeared to be facing the modern World, like David facing Goliath. Without waiting for the Giant to fall wounded into the ditch, Paul VI wanted the Church to be like the Good Samaritan towards the hate-filled and defiant adversary: full of good works and eager to serve. It all rang very false at the time, and today, with You, it is even clearer. The Church is lying there, calling to her lovers one after the other to come to her. It is the prophecy of Ezekiel in chapter sixteen:

“ You have become infatuated with your own beauty; you have used your fame to make yourself a prostitute; you have offered your services to all comers.... And in all your filthy practices and your whorings you have never remembered your youth... ”

Read on, Most Holy Father, and consider all of your journeys:

“ You have lain down for those big-membered neighbours, the Egyptians; you have piled whoring on whoring to provoke me... Still unsatisfied, you have prostituted yourself to the Assyrians... You have piled whoring on whoring with Canaanite and Chaldaean, and even then not been satisfied... ”

Read on and consider your ecumenism:

“ A prostitute is paid. But you, in your whoring, have given your presents away to all your lovers; you have offered them gifts to attract them from everywhere. In your whoring, you have done the exact opposite from other women; no one was running after you, so you went and paid them; they did not pay you since your behaviour was so outrageous ! ”

Read the future, Most Holy Father ! Learn to read the signs of the times in the Prophet:

“ Well then, whore, hear the word of Yahweh. The Lord Yahweh says this: For having undressed and let yourself be seen naked while whoring with your lovers and with your filthy idols, and for giving them your children’s blood – for all this, I am going to band together all the lovers who have pleasured you, both those you liked and those you disliked... I intend to hand you over to their fury… They will whip up the crowd against you; you will be stoned and run through with a sword; they will set your houses on fire and execute justice on you in the sight of all the nations. ”

As long as your prostitution lasts, it is we who will be regarded as the pariahs, outcasts and prophets of woe. So much the better. Our fathers before us were treated thus, and more than all, so was Our Lord Jesus Christ, our unique Model and Master, in company with His Blessed Mother, our gentle and Immaculate Mother and Mistress, the Most Holy and ever Virgin Mary.

But when the divine Chastisement falls, the merciful beginning of our divine salvation, there will be satisfaction that someone wrote this Book and that a few people came to Rome to present it to you in an attempt to remind the Pope of the day about the Catholic Faith, about supernatural Hope and about saving Christian Charity. The fact that we were not received will testify against the men of “ this evil and adulterous generation ”. “ They will ask for a sign, and a sign will not be given them except the sign of Jonas. ” But the fact that we were neither heard nor condemned will also testify that the Church, in the silence of her sacred infallibility, recognised in us the witnesses to her indefectible Truth, and later, it will be in this silence and this secret maternal benevolence, that the Church’s unfailing fidelity to her only Spouse and Lord, Jesus Christ, will be recognised.

Most Holy Father, you believe in the truth of the Freedom of Man. We believe in the freedom of the Truth of God. We are not of the same religion. And if we are of the same Church, it is because of the fundamental malice that dwells within you, which, please God, will depart from you before the hour when this redoubtable and terrible Judge will summon you before His Tribunal.

Forgive me for the insolence and violence of my writing. I cannot always control my pen or my indignation. I have the honour to greet you,

Fr. Georges de Nantes