The Accusation

MOST Holy Father,

In the same way and for the same serious reasons which made me decide to produce a BOOK OF ACCUSATION against Pope Paul VI for heresy, schism and scandal ten years ago, and to take it to him myself in the company of many and worthy persons on April 10, 1973 – a book from which I retract nothing today and which I make it my duty to present to you officially as an eternal witness to the faith of the people of God against the heresies, schisms and scandals of that fatal pontificate – so I am led to formulate the same accusations against Your Person – accusations hitherto unheard of in the Roman Church despite my unworthiness and nothingness, for even more serious reasons and in still worse circumstances. Though this SECOND BOOK OF ACCUSATION may appear to be a repetition of the first, which is understandable given the fact that you declare yourself to be the spiritual son and continuator of Paul VI, adopting and continuing what I imputed to him as heresy, schism and scandal, it is in fact more grave than the first accusation. For what in Paul VI were daring hypotheses, spectacular innovations, empty words, in a word heteropraxy, with you is a reinforced block of philosophical theses, projects and desires strictly defining a categorical heterodoxy.

It must be said to your face, Most Holy Father, that your religion is no longer that of the Roman Catholic Church, Christ’s unique Church, whose Head you are. Your religion is the religion of man who makes himself god and not the religion of God, the Son of God, Who made Himself man. For the one excludes the other. Someone must rise up in the Church and make bold to tell you these things openly, publicly, bluntly and without hesitation, because it is the revealed truth on which our supreme good depends: our ultimate end, the honour of the Church and the future credibility of her infallible magisterium, the salvation of our souls and the tranquillity of our consciences in rebellion against your teaching. And finally, Most Holy Father, your own salvation depends upon it, if your soul will deign to profit from this remonstrance. For none of the Church’s children, especially of her pastors, of her supreme Pastors, can be saved unless he hold the most pure, sound and entire Catholic faith.

For you are no longer Catholic, you are no longer Christian for it is all one, even though you remain in name and in fact the Sovereign Pontiff of this Church whose faith and unity you reject from the depths of your will and intellect. Of course, you are the idol of the masses. That is partly due to the power of the opinion formers, held for the most part by the Church’s worst enemies and by perfidious modernists, whose protector and accomplice you are. You are spared by these people because they dominate you and hold you at their mercy. In part, you reign over the Catholic and believing masses because you mix much apparent Christian discourse and great manifestations of piety with your bland humanism, thus misleading them. It is also certain that our bishops and many priests who have come up through the ranks of Catholic Action have been poisoned by modernism and progressivism for a quarter, even for a half-century, in many a country including yours and mine. As for the rest, the credulity of Catholics when hearing the Pope is infinite, not that they can be too much blamed for that.

Have I one deed or one text on which to rest such accusations ? I have five hundred, Most Holy Father. But to begin with I shall give only one on which I am prepared to stake my entire faith and life. One on which the whole case could be judged; it is one of your recurring themes. That of the Kingship of Jesus Christ, a kingship which for you is not that of God made man, but that of Man whom you proclaim to be god. You invoke Christ, you mangle the Gospels in order to strip God of His divine and royal attributes, with which you then adorn man, Man become your idol, the object of your worship and service, of your love and striving. I take to witness what remains of the Catholic faith in your soul and in the souls of the cardinals and the ministers of the competent dicasteries who will have to learn of my complaint. I summon the Authority of the Church, her sacred hierarchy, her faithful people, each and everyone, in so far as my powerlessness permits, but in the name of God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, to say openly and clearly whether such humanism in place of orthodox and Catholic Christianity is worthy of their unfeigned assent and adherence, or whether it merits anathema. Thence will this extraordinary trial be decided, from which one of the two parties will emerge acquitted and the other condemned, from which one will emerge sanctified by the trial and the other, failing recognition of error, public retraction and due reparation, will be doomed to the flames of hell and to eternal damnation.

May the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary come to our aid !