Georges de Nantes.
The Mystical Doctor of the Catholic Faith

First part

“ O Lord, I am Your servant,
the son of Your Handmaid.
(Ps 115:7)

“ IT was a time when we felt so fortunate, so happy, so loved in our human family – which for us was inseparable and even indistinct from our spiritual family – our parish, our boarding school, and our priests, that it was our Paradise. Into it, in the grass, slithered the enemy of the human race and the struggle that began on that day is not yet finished…

(G. de Nantes, meditation of February 11, 1999)

Pope St. Pius X

Photo that Pope St. Pius X signed and offered to Fr. de Nantes’ mother during an audience at the Vatican In 1911. She in turn gave it to her son: “so that he may bless you, my child!” It is under this picture that our Father wrote at his worktable.

“ I entrusted myself to the Church as a child to his mother, in order to receive everything from her and from no one else… Because I lived in and received my first Catholic heritage and my first clerical imprint from the Church of all time, in the absence of all contestation and division, I can say that I am the legitimate child, the truthful and faithful witness of this Church.

(Memoirs and Anecdotes, Vol. II, p. 30)