Georges de Nantes.
The Mystical Doctor of the Catholic Faith

Fourth part 

“ Finally, today, we have entered upon the last stage in this dramatic confrontation between the Church of the Martyrs and the Synagogue of Satan. We must retain unfalteringly hope in the final Victory, exactly as it has been foretold to us by the prophecies of the Blessed Virgin and the saints. By the very signs that will accompany their coming, the elect will recognise one another, even though they seem lost to sight amidst the mass of the godless and the apostates. It, however, is not by shedding the blood of their persecutors that they will triumph over Satan. It is by praying, self-sacrificing, preaching through their holy works, and, if need be, by giving their own blood for the salvation of the world in Jesus and Mary through the Holy Spirit.”

(G. de Nantes, meditation of February 11, 1999)