John-Paul I, the Pope of the Secret

THE visions of the Third Secret of Fatima, deciphered in this book, use biblical figures to give us a parable of the events we are living through.

The “ Bishop dressed in white ” whom the three little shepherds saw on July 13, 1917 is so similar to Albino Luciani ! It is an intimate joy to discover his growing devotion to Our Lady of Fatima, right up to his providential meeting in 1977 with Sister Lucy, who revealed to him his vocation to martyrdom.

As for the opposition of Popes John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul II to Our Lady’s requests, it confirms the theological analyses of Father de Nantes.

Sister Lucy’s correspondence, placed in context and related to the themes of the Secret, reveals the richness of her soul. It is sanctifying to read her salutary warnings. What zeal ! As for her last book, Apelos da mensagem de Fatima, published in 2000, it was officially presented as her “ testament ”. Is it really ?

Certainly, Sister Lucy’s heroic humility and patience show her to be an authentic messenger from Heaven : her revelations are divine, and we shall see the marvellous promises of Our Lady fulfilled.